Podcasting News: Light Listeners and Listening To Sleep

Libsyn’s Community Expert Elsie Escobar shares weekly podcasting news on June 28, 2021.

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🎤 The Feed: Episode 196 is out

→ Talking about Spotify! Their latest 60 million dollar deal with Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy and its new Greenroom,
→ Remember Facebook Podcasts were released?
→ Kindle Vella and what it can mean for podcasters (new offering)
→ An antitrust bill that could impact podcasting and
of course our stats, geographic and user agent! Plus a bunch bunch more.


Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Restauranttopia

The team over says…

Restauranttopia focuses on all things related to restaurant management and operations from hosts David Ross, Brian Seitz, and chef Anthony Hamilton.

We feature interviews and restaurant success stories, along with insights on cost control, marketing, management and personnel issues.

Tune in for marketing ideas and tactics from restaurant business experts, gathered from lessons and data from restaurants around the US.

Brian Seitz, David Ross, and Anthony Hamilton each bring a fresh perspective on what it takes to be successful in the restaurant industry.

Podcasting News 🐥 on Social

Cheat Sheet: Nielsen studies show ‘light’ listeners make up nearly half of podcast audience

“Light” podcast listeners — or those that listen to a podcast one to three times a month — now make up nearly half of podcast listeners, up 10% in May 2021 compared to August 2018

Is Listening To Podcasts As We Fall Asleep Actually Good For Us?

Ultimately, if you find that listening to podcasts helps you to sleep, then there is no need to stop doing something that works for you. If, however, you find that listening to podcasts is no longer helping you drift off, then you might want to address the cause of your sleeping issue.

In Milestone, Majority Of Latinos Now Say They’ve Given Podcasting A Try.

Edison Research says a majority 56% of U.S. Latinos aged 18 and older now report having ever listened to a podcast. That is a 24% increase from one year ago when 45% of Latinos said they had ever listened to a podcast.


🗣 Podcasting Community Convos on Social!

● When is the last time that you added a new show to your podcast listening queue?

The one I added! The SafeToNet Foundations Safeguarding podcasts


● Podcaster mental health check! Your feelings in 3 emoji.

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