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🎤 The Feed: Episode 199 is coming

Nothing for you as of yet, I am editing like a fiend to get an episode out to you as soon as I possibly can!

Still looking for feedback for our Episode 200!!!

To celebrate Episode 200, I would love to compile something awesome or something that feels a bit more celebratory for the episode. I mean, Rob and I been doing this show now for 8 years. We just had our podcast anniversary on July 12!

If you wanna contribute with some audio, email it to [email protected] ❤️

Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Dear Workplace & Curious Monica

Monica says…..

We have two shows!

  • Dear Workplace studies trends, changes and challenges at work.
  • Curious Monica studies how different people thrive at different work.

In Dear Workplace, in each episode I cover a theme in the workplace and studies how different people tackle, engage or have felt challenges to learn how we tackle those challenges and changes at work.

In Curious Monica, I cover different jobs or industries per episode so that we get to have a lens of how people work and thrive at different jobs. This was out of curiosity and realization that most of us only work in one field or one domain and don’t really have the chance of learning about other people or their jobs.

If we only had a show about one job, then what are the chances we keep branching out to learn more? So I’m following my curiosity to study different jobs and sharing what it’s like to work in them to enlighten others!

You can see some summaries of our past shows here! More blogs will be shared as it doesn’t include some of our latest shows.


Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Scotch and “Good” Conversation

Peter says…

My podcast is named SCOTCH AND “good” CONVERSATION. Truth be told, I didn’t put much thought into the name, I just thought it sounded cool.

I figured, best-case scenario, someone might bring a bottle of scotch.

The word “good” is in quotation marks because I thought the conversations might not always be “good”. Also, I just thought it looked eye-catching.

The show is about getting to know people through “real” conversation. We have a “not allowed to look stuff up rule”. If we’re trying to remember who produced an album or directed a film we just jump on google right away, we go old school and try to just figure it out.

I ask each of my guests seven questions. I also ask each guest to come up with an interesting question they wanna ask me. Sometimes it gets weird but it’s always fun.


Podcasting News 🐥 on Social

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🗣 Podcasting Community Convos on Social!

When you were listening to a podcast, what was something that the hosts asked you to do that YOU DID. When did YOU take action and what was it?


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