Podcasting News: Podcast Movement 2021 is coming and Spotify making moves

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🎤 The Feed: Episode 198 is out

→ Really awesome brand new podcasting gear,
→ transformative data from the Latino Podcast Listener report,
→ Canva + Libsyn,
→ Pocketcasts & Automattic,
→ Goodpods update
→ Libsyn 5 social sharing? And geographic plus user agent stats


The Feed audience I need you!

To celebrate Episode 200, I would love to compile something awesome or something that feels a bit more celebratory for the episode. I mean, Rob and I been doing this show now for 8 years. We just had our podcast anniversary on July 12!

If you wanna contribute with some audio, email it to [email protected] ❤️

Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: The Debra Shepherd Podcast

Debra says…..

It is a mix of solo episodes and in-depth interviews with female entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, thought leaders and change-makers from around the globe.

To uncover their extraordinary stories, practical tips, tools and strategies to inspire, empower and support listeners to create more ease, joy and meaning in their life and business.

We dive into self-improvement, lifestyle, wellbeing, mindset, business, spirituality and so much more. If you are a high achiever who is ready to step into being the joyful, fulfilled, purpose-driven, radiant leader you are here to be, this podcast is for you.


Podcaster PSA: Know your RSS feed

That is all.

Glow.fm Announced as a Spotify Open Access Partner

Many of you have requested that Glow subscriptions be accessible on Spotify. In the past, access has not been an option provided by Spotify to third-party content subscription platforms like Glow. This announcement changes all that! The partnership with Spotify Open Access is the first step towards making subscriptions accessible in a way that maintains YOUR relationship with your audience.


Directly from the Spotify blog post announcing Open Access

Spotify Open Access is a first-of-its-kind offering in the audio industry, broadening distribution for creators who offer paid content. The system enables creators with existing paid content businesses to activate their customers on Spotify, and it allows Spotify users to unlock and listen to content they paid for via third-party services: for example, publications with paywalled content or licensed audiobook providers.

This means that participating creators can retain full control over their subscriber or customer bases while also leveraging Spotify to grow their audiences. With Spotify’s global impact and wide availability across devices and platforms, they’ll be able to reach audiences no matter where they are or how they’re listening.


Podcast Movement, here we come!

We are all so excited to be attending! We look forward to seeing you again. At minimum, make sure that you show up at our booth 602 🙏🏽


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