Podchaser and Libsyn Teaming Up For Some #Reviews4Good Love!

There are a couple of things podcasters love and adore above all else: recognition (you know, love, acknowledgement, “I do exist because I see the downloads” aka #YesIAmNotTalkingToMyselfIKnewIt) and their listeners. 👊🏽

Given those two things and how a lot of us obsessed with all things podcasting might be needing love and wanting to give love, we found the PERFECT way to do both!

It came to our attention that the awesome team over at Podchaser started the coolest initiative called #Reviews4Good. According to Podchaser the whole idea around this campaign was:

“For the next 15 days, we’re donating 25 cents to Meals on Wheels America‘s COVID–19 Response Fund for EVERY podcast or episode review on Podchaser! And we’ll double it every time a podcast replies to the review!”


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

We didn’t jump on board with enough time to support #Reviews4Good initially, but reached out to the Podchaser Team to see if we could still help, and we came to an exciting arrangement!

We will be matching reviews/comments donations for all Libsyn podcasts up to $1500 through the end of the month!

Now getting back to those 2 things that podcasters adore above all else:


Talking to you, podcasters…you know that whole “leave us a review because it really helps us get found” little thing that most of us say at least one time during our podcast, sometimes possibly groveling in groups and on social media? Now you can do it for a good cause!

It’s time to amp it up! Inspire your peeps to review your show, yes for you, but ultimately for folks that might be having a harder time during these #stayathome times.

The bonus will be that you’ll get some awesome social proof that everyone can see over at Podchaser. Those reviews are easily seen by anyone no matter what desktop or mobile OS they are using. So easy!

And O M G Podchaser reviews are shareable on social media!!!! WUT? Yap. Get on it.


Most podcasters are also podcast listeners. We love the shows that we listen to. We know what it’s like to be a podcast superfan, and truth be told, sometimes we do all the lovin’ from way back.

I am guilty. I tend to do a lot more lurking and …. ok, some subtle stalking and I don’t actually step out and love on my favorites out loud.

Now is the time for us to do it. There are so many podcasters that are keeping on keeping on, and a heart-felt review can do so much.

And you might end up connecting more fully with the community, and not feeling so isolated.

So how about it?

Let’s all do a bit of #Reviews4Good – ing.

Thank you Podchaser for taking action and for letting us get a little love out!

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