Promote Your App and Take Advantage of the Holiday Rush

The rush is coming, it’s the most wonderful time for podcasters.  Downloads are usually up across the board come January, and I think its safe to say this season app hungry devices will be under a lot of trees.  So if you have an app with us, here are some great ways to put a little fuel on that yule log.

1.  Promote Your App as an iTunes present – in the iTunes store you have the ability to “gift” apps.  Tell your fans to give the gift that keeps on giving: your app!  It’s an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for your iOS loving friends.

2.  New On Android?  Let the world know!  – If you have recently released an app in the Android marketplace and haven’t talked about it on your podcast, you are missing out.  The Android platform is growing like crazy, make sure your audience knows that your app isn’t limited to Apple’s world any more.  If you’d like to sign up for an Android App for your show, click here.

3.  Put Shares and Stars on your Wish List – You’ve been a good podcaster, remind your audience that if they like your app, the least they can do is leave a good star rating for you, and tell their friends about your app.  That’s two little things that go a long way to help your sales.  And you deserve it!

4.  Clickable Makes it Easy – Make sure you have put a banner, or at the very least a link in an obvious place on your web pages, blog entries, tweets, etc., so it is very easy for your audience to find your app.

5.  Add Value – Change your app background to a holiday theme, add a blooper real, or a special holiday podcast message from you in your episode extras.  It’s a way to reward your app supporters, and entice new customers.  Here’s a detailed tutorial on changing your app background.  For episode extra ideas for your iOS or Android app, click here.

We hope that you find these hints a simple way to take advantage of the rush of opportunities coming your way.  Best wishes to you all, have a fantastic New Year!


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