Rob Walch, Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee Discuss Podcasting and New Media

Our own Rob Walch was the latest guest on The New Media Show with hosts Rob Greenlee of Microsoft as well as Todd Cochrane from Blubrry.

Libsyn + Blubrry + Microsoft make for provoking conversation

The conversation touched on a lot of topics very important to the podcasting space…with a little shouting thrown into the mix. You’ll just have to watch to see where that comes in!

Check it out!

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  • Podcast consumption stats: The individual podcast app vs set top boxes showdown.
  • Should podcasters go to the New Media Expo? or NAB?
  • Best practices for Video Podcasting.
  • Good business practices for Video Podcasters.
  • Why Dropbox doesn’t support byte range requests.
  • Listening vs watching time.
  • The importance of Stitcher and cars streaming content.
  • The changing face of media consumption in families
  • Google Fiber and we need more broadband!
  • The different takedown notices that Libsyn and Blubbry get.
  • Discussion of online practices to protect your privacy and reputation.
  • How do people really discover your podcast? An array of opinions.

What was your favorite discussion topic?

Did it make you think differently about your podcasting strategy?

Let us know in the comments.

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