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Q & A with A from Spiritual Bizarre

When did you start podcasting?

I’ve recently started podcasting as of May 26th 2016

Why did you start podcasting?

I had put myself and the people closest to me through a lot of pain because of an addiction relapse.

As a part of my recovery process I felt the need to share and explore the various paths of spirituality that may not only help me but help others who feel lost, are in need of support, or just love feeding their mind with introspective and metaphysical discussions.

I probably would not have started a podcast had I not previously had experience with live online radio.

What’s your show about?

Spiritual Bizarre started with me just honestly and bluntly sharing my recovery process in all it’s goodness and ugliness. However, since I’ve hosted radio interviews before – a format I loved – I decided to incorporate more interviews into the podcast as the primary structure for the show.

I absolutely love discussing anything mysterious and metaphysical in nature.

As the podcast started with personal examination of self and addiction recovery – I hope to spend even more time conversing with individuals who have some special and unique wisdom or philosophy to share with us.

Fearing not to peer into both the light and darker sides of existence.

I hope that the podcast appeals not only to recovering or active addicts and their friends and family – but to anyone out there that seeks self examination and the sleuthing of the more mysterious aspects of life.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Everything is started and completed on my iMAC.

I use Mixlr as my recording application. Mixlr allows live streaming but can also be used just for recording.

Mixlr Basic allows the use of three channels. One channel is used for my USB microphone. One channel is used for music and whatever other sound bites I wish to incorporate by pulling these files from my hard drive.

Another channel is for Skype calls. Soundflower is needed to integrate Mixlr with Skype. Mixlr can be a little glitchy sometimes but usually I just have to close the app, restart it and then “reload devices” within the app and all is well again.

This is not often and once all the inputs and my audio test proves good as long as the program is running I won’t have any problems with the app.

It has never failed on me either during tests or actual recordings. It’s pretty simple and works well enough for me that I have no reason to look for another app at this time.

I am using “Basic” (free) which limits live broadcasting/recording to under an hour which doesn’t really affect me since I am not concerned about doing a live show at this time (though I would like to do a live show in the future).

Also, I’m purposefully keeping the podcast under an hour.

My microphone is an ATR 2500 Audio Technica Cardioid Condenser USB Mic.

The sound quality is great but I wish it had a way to natively adjust the gain. I also need a better pop-filter but the Auray OMPF–33 On Microphone Pop Screen that I’m using now is better than no pop filter.

How have you promoted your podcast?

Do to the nature of my podcast and the maintaining of my anonymity, I am limited in how I can promote.

Basically I have sent links directly to those I trust to keep my identity private as I am seeking new employment so I cannot afford to go public at this time.

I cannot share on my personal Facebook page – but in the future I would like to do so. As of now my Instagram account is my primary form of promotion, though it’s more of an extension of myself and the podcast.

Currently, the majority of visits to my website are via Instagram. I enjoy Instagram and it’s community more than any other social media platform.

In time I will put more effort into the Spiritual Bizarre Facebook page and make use of hashtags (hashtags may not be very effective on Facebook but until I can publicly share I am limited).

I do suggest becoming a part of some podcasting forums or any other online community that relates to the topic of your podcast. Also, talk to people and ask for feedback. That way you are sharing and spreading the word about your podcast by engaging people while, perhaps, learning something new at the same time.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I really just wanted to share my journey with others, learn through interviews and other people’s stories and have some fun too. But I found that to have listeners I must spend a lot more time than I wanted to get exposure for the podcast.

You know after reading about this podcast whether or not Spiritual Bizarre is for you. If it is don’t waste any more time and subscribe. We all need a bit of spiritual bizarre time here and there.

If you feel like you have something say that MUST be said and heard by others, then you need a podcast. We would love to help you get started by [hosting your podcast!][here]


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