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Q & A with Civilla from Childless Not By Choice

When did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting in July 2015.

Why did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting because I needed help but could not find it. I was suffering on the inside while putting on a brave face for the world to see.

I was lonely although I had family and friends that loved me. And I felt like I could not be the only one.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

The name of my show is Childless not by Choice.

I speak to the childless not by choice community about how to live a life of relevance and joy though childless not by choice.

What’s your podcasting setup?

I literally use the same gear from day one.

  • ATR2100 USB microphone.
  • Audacity when recording monologues
  • Zoom for the most part (sometimes Skype) when interviewing a guest.
  • Apple earbuds
  • A podcast producer

Newer additions to my software/hardware:

  • Audio Technica ATH M30x headphones.
  • Zoom Podtrak P4.
  • Auphonic (used if I am recording something I do not necessarily need to send to my podcast producer.)
  • Levelator (used if I am recording something I do not necessarily need to send to my podcast producer.)

How have you promoted your podcast?

I promote my podcast via social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. I also do Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Reels.

Outside of social media I also promote by giving out business cards, and via word of mouth.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I wish I knew that it was a marathon, not a race and that as long as I continued learning I would continue to get better.

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