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Q & A with Gregory from Collected Clan

When did you start podcasting?

The first episode of Collected Clan aired in March 2018 after a year and a half of brainstorming and identifying a specific niche of exclusive content.

The naming and branding process took another 4–5 months to complete. Because the dot com URL for each name I came up with during that time was already taken.

This whole approach was the crucible that helped refine the theme of my show, and when that dot com URL was indeed available, it all solidified and we were off to the races.

There are lots of podcasts featuring high profile guests, though I’ve often found those guests less relatable from their top one to 2% aspirational platform.

They often seem untouchable. Instead, I focus on everyday people making the world a better place in their own way. People whose stories are relatable and inspirational. “Everyday heroes” are how my guests have been referred to.

Why did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting as a renewed creative outlet. I’m a commercial and portrait photographer by trade and my entire career has been about elevating and celebrating people with an affirming photography experience.

While I love creating fun portrait sessions for my clients the time involved in selecting a location booking hair and makeup stylist, wardrobe stylist and all that a photo shoot entails required more time than this father of three young children can dedicate to those projects on a regular basis.

Podcasting allows me to continue my mission to elevate and celebrate people but an audio portraits instead of photographic portraits because each episode requires only two people … my guest and me. Plus, I can record from my home when the house is quiet after the kids are tucked into bed.

What’s the name of your show about and what is it about?

During the general election of 2016, it became clear that we as a society tend to talk AT people instead of WITH people too often we stay connected – that’s connected in air quotes.

Too often we stay connected behind our screens with little direct interaction, and it’s high time we start talking about our lives and life’s ups and downs and all around. And that’s where this podcast comes in.

The purpose of my show is to spotlight interesting people I’ve met along the way people who have impacted my life and the world around them and in the process to promote an organization or cause that is special to them in our Non-Profit Spotlight segment.

My show is called Collected Clan, the podcast featuring conversational biographies of relatable people with real stories of triumph and tragedy, plus successes and setbacks.

These conversations have been called audio portraits by those familiar with my professional photography background, and it’s pretty much an apt description. This show is for people who read biographies and those who are interested in stories about, from, and by everyday heroes who longed to know they’re not alone in this journey of life.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years and people often come and go, but these people are the company you keep, everyday people making their mark real life worth relatable guests … and guests you’ll only hear on Collected Clan.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

I started with an earbuds/mic combo for the first seven episodes then moved to a Blue Snowball USB mic that was gifted to me by a fellow podcaster … quick shout out to Ryan Ploeckelman of East Coast Trail and Ultra podcast–Thank you very much. Both of these recorded directly into Garage Band through Skype and Ecamm recorder.

I’ve recently bought a pair of Samson Q2U mics so I can record in person with my guests directly into a Zoom H4N recorder so we can literally gather together for a face to face conversation. Looking forward to unboxing this new gear and putting it all into action.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I promote my podcast by using Facebook mostly, plus Instagram and Twitter. Each episode is also shared to my email list through MailChimp.

I also have a private Facebook group for my Producer’s Circle that includes past guests, my launch team, and Patreon supporters so they have exclusive access to bonus material.

And I promote my show in person at podcaster meet-ups with branded business cards and printed note cards. One particular thing I do as a thank you to my guests when I let them know their episode is available is that I send a digital version of this note card. And on that note card, I include a picture of their laugh as it appears in audio wave format. It’s likely something they’ve never seen, and it’s uniquely theirs.

All of this feeds into a word of mouth sharing strategy to help spread the word, and there are several other promotional methods I want to explore this year.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

What I’ve learned over my first year of podcasting that I wish I knew when I started is a more accurate estimation of how much time it takes for pre production, editing, post production and promotion.

It became quite overwhelming. To be honest, I originally thought I could just record tag a music at the beginning tech music at the end and boom, we were done but I’ve learned that it requires a lot more time to make it sound like a well produced show.

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