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Q & A with Christopher from Radiant Fire Radio

When did you start podcasting?

I had several starts. I was on blogtalk radio in a couple of different formats. I attempted a show with a co-host but it became clear early on that he was not committed to the show. Sad.

The format for blogtalk radio was difficult to understand. I learned a lot about what they had to offer. I started a second blogtalk radio for my Pastor called Voice of Yahweh Radio.

I had a better run with it, meaning, I learned how to edit, work on some graphics. I still run it and am working on developing a following for my pastor. I moved this podcast from blogtalk radio to libsyn as well.

Then in 2017, I started another version of Radiant Fire Radio where I posted some of my sermons. I didn’t make up any new content. I just kind of added a new sermon whenever I would preach.

A friend of mine at work encouraged me to really jump into podcasting and I started making content with some shows about politics and christianity. It started to be fun, Blogtalk radio started a format change and that pushed me to search for a better platform that offered more versatility and I made the jump to Libsyn in 2019.  Radiant Fire Radio has been growing ever since.

Why did you start podcasting?

I was forced into it by my Pastor. Smile. She encouraged me to share my political beliefs and sermons with people. Now, I love sharing my thoughts on stepparenting, motivations, the terminal generation, politics, some Bible sermons, and more.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

My show is called Radiant Fire Radio. It is about bringing about the truth as I see from my viewpoint as a Christian. I am not polished in any sense of the word but I get to share my heart on what I feel regular people feel about the Church, about politics, about stepparenting, about absurdities that are going on within the Church.  I delight in putting out content that will help people see truth.

What’s your podcasting set-up?

Wow, I started off really simple. My cell phone  voice recorder, Then I transitioned to a better sounding voice recorder, I tried using Skype but I just could not get a good sound.

I use Zoom for audio right now. So far it has been the most consistent sound. I am still working on getting a clear sound. It’s hard. We live behind Route 1 in Delaware and the truck traffic often messes up my recordings.

I use a Powerdeweise 1/4 inch lapel microphone and it has been ok. I also use a combination headphone/microphone set up from a program called Dragon.  Dragon never worked for me, my voice is just too weird to catch the words but the headset works great.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I have done Facebook ads, some collaborations with other podcasters, I have a paid promoter from Australia, Daniel Wiseman.  It seems like he is everywhere. He has connected me with some of his friends and it has been nice.  He supports me 100%, and I use word of mouth to spread the word.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Wow, that copyright dings are real. If you use an artist’s material, reach out to them before and get permission. I lost a show because I did not reply back to an email and it could have gone differently. Answer your emails and get permission from your musicians and artists.

Radiant Fire Network is more than just a Christian podcast, Rev. Christopher Gore delves into politics, stepparenting and many more topics from a Christians perpective.  If you can relate listen to Rev. Gores’ podcast  on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

You can find him via social media on Facebook, Instagram or on Linked In.

Reverend Gore tried several different formats before landing on the podcast that best suited his message.  He didn’t give up, he just kept trying.  You can share your message with a podcast too.  There’s time to find your voice and you can change the way your podcast is formatted.  We can help you get started.  You have to check out our Start Your Podcast blog series or if you are ready, we have the best podcast hosting plans around!

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