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Q & A with Stephanie from  Talk, Tales and Trivia

When did you start podcasting?

Launched first show Aug 15th.

Why did you start podcasting?

I have a TV and Radio broadcasting degree and a marketing and research background and while I was writing a list of a new business I wanted to do; radio broadcasting kept coming to mind.

Podcasting was cool because I wanted to do it from home and I knew what it was from listening to podcasts.

What’s your show about?

Well, it is called: Talk, Tales and Trivia.

A quirky twist on a positive, fun and interesting topics of past and present American pop culture.

I talk about a positive or fun topic in American pop culture, a little history of the topic and then perhaps a tale or two of my own that is related to the topic (the quirky stuff) and then a trivia question or a general question about that topic at the end.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.?

It a very simple set-up; almost too simple.

I did not want to spend big bucks because I knew I would get better equipment later. And I will.

  • Behringer Podcastudio USB (includes, mixer, headphones, mic) – $100
  • Audacity software – Free
  • DragonPad pop filter – $7.99
  • Libsyn hosting – $22 / month
  • Go Daddy registered domain name – $28 / 2 years
  • Audio editing – $5-$15 / episode
  • Facebook 10 day ad – $50

How have you promoted your podcast?

Facebook page and sponsored Facebook ads, Twitter account, Instagram, word of mouth, friends on Facebook.

30 second promo on The Feed!

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?


I learned quickly that it is an extremely steep learning curve and I knew nothing about podcasting.

I knew the best way to learn about podcasting was to learn it on my own and not ask for advice with silly questions I was capable of finding out on my own.

Luckily I’m really great at research.

Learning Audacity was something I could have definitely learned BUT that would have delayed my launch date of Aug.15–16. I also wanted to have professional audio editing from the very beginning.

Asking for assistance when you need it is the most important thing. The professional audio editing is a good example.

If you are looking to get the scoop on some tales, trivia and quirky pop culture then this is the podcast for you! Why don’t you [subscribe to Talk, Tales and Trivia!] You won’t regret it!

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