Searching For Non-English Language Podcasts? Now You Can in Apple Podcasts!

It’s "Got-an-Email-from-Apple" time!

This whole email centers around better search with a focus on being able to search using LANGUAGE!

This is great news!

Now if you’re looking to find a podcast in Spanish, you can do it, even if you’re not in a Spanish speaking country 

The email in its entirety is published below. Please note that we also just got it, so at this point in time, we do not have specific details as to how all of this is working or how it works.

Which brings me to the next part — they mention ‘enhanced podcast support’!


Links and all the things below.

Dear Podcast Creator,

We’d like to share some updates that help improve the experience for your listeners on Apple Podcasts and make it easier to manage your content.

Search Enhancements: International Expansion

Today on Apple Podcasts listeners can now discover shows and episodes by searching audio in 10 more languages in addition to English:

With this enhancement, listeners can easily search for and find shows by title, topic, guest, host, and more with just a few taps.

Moreover, we are expanding host and guest images across show and episode pages for a subset of shows in French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, making it easier to find related content to help fans dive deeper into the listening experience.

These features are routinely added to more shows. To prepare your show for eligibility:

Podcaster Support Updates

We’ve enhanced Podcaster Support and published dozens of new articles to make it easier than ever to find the answers to your questions.

These resources will guide you through every step of your journey as a podcast creator — from brainstorming your show’s idea to generating and submitting a podcast RSS feed. You will also find valuable resources on how to monitor your show’s performance and optimize your marketing strategy.

Best regards,
The Apple Podcasts Team

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