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Successful Podcasting can mean so many things to so many different people, but I think we can all agree that having unique content, a strong and growing audience, and/or perhaps some income for your efforts are generally pillars of success. And don’t forget fun! You should love what you are doing ❤

We’d love to help you create your most successful and meaningful podcast experience in 2023! Here are some incredibly helpful resources to make sure that you meet next year’s podcasting goals. 

Just starting a podcast? Not to worry, we have resources for you, too!

Planning your podcast

You need to plan a podcasting strategy — you cannot get away from it. Plan and create goals for yourself. To this end, we have taken the last quarter of 2022 to focus on providing you the step-by-step resources you need to be successful in 2023.

Use these blogs and this video to put your plan to paper, so you can effectively evaluate and adjust as needed while progressing throughout the year. 

You can use those blog posts during the year as well! You can do bi-yearly reviews or quarterly reviews to see your progress. 

Marketing and promotion

Without an audience, most podcasting goals are untenable. Your listeners are what make your podcast. Making sure that in your podcast strategy you focus on audience growth tactics and/or general podcast awareness, will do wonders for cultivating steady growth of your show. 

Here are a few select resources that will help you connect with your podcasting community and help to grow your audience by optimizing some tried and true podcasting best practices as well as thinking outside of the box to help you develop outreach practices that work for you. 


We know that creators are always actively looking for ways to make money with their content. There are many ways to monetize your content and tons of best practices to make sure that what you choose to do actually makes you money. Following are some blogs and videos we published this year to help you expand your thoughts around how to establish revenue from your podcast at all levels.

Tech Tips

We recognize that starting a podcast without any prior experience or support from a production team can be quite overwhelming. Not just learning the basics of recording and editing a podcast, but also unfamiliar tech bits

Whether you are just beginning or have some podcasting experience under your belt, the Libsyn YouTube channel is a great place to get some hands-on learning or get help with a few inside tech tricks. Here are some of our favorites:

Just Getting Started?

Maybe 2023 is the year you earmarked for starting your podcast. We’ve got you. Check out these videos that not only make your launch successful but make the pre-launch way less expensive — less than $100! Note: the 2022 video is still timely and relevant!

Clearly, when it comes to successful podcasting, learning is the common facet in all areas. With technology constantly changing, it can’t hurt to stay up on the latest, and that’s what Libsyn brings to the party. Think of us as your resource for all things podcasting and the place where successful podcasting is a possibility for everyone.

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Here’s to a successful new year … Keep Podcasting!


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