The Season of Giving: Give Back To The Podcasts Your Love!

Podcasting really changed my life.

Encountering the voices of incredible people sharing passionately about themselves and what they love, gave me the strength to do it myself 🙂

Thus, I’ve made it a priority every year to give a little something back to my favorite podcasters.

Last year a had a teeny bit more time on my hands and I was able to send my favorite podcasters a special recording of an immune system meditation that I felt would be helpful, if anything to help folks fall asleep 😉 This year since I’m kinda pressed for time, I’ve chosen my 10 favorite podcasts and am in the process of gifting them with what they love the most!

The Best Way To Support Your Favorite Podcasters

I’ve decided to do two a day: one in the morning, and one in the evening. My total investment of time, 10 min! If you would like to gift your favorite podcast/podcaster try offering these absolutely free gifts!

  • Leave an iTunes review for their podcast or their podcast app– There is some sort of magical algorithm in iTunes that gives podcasts better accessibility when there is action on their podcast page. If you don’t have time to review, simply rate it.
  • Say Thank-You– It’s amazing how far a little gratitude goes. Tweet it, FB it, comment on their blog or send an private email. The power of thank you does wonders for the soul 😀
  • Share the love– Even though those of you reading this may already be in the know of how AWESOME podcasts are, there are still an incredible amount of people that don’t. Let them know about it. I send people to specific podcasts almost daily if you can believe that! You can do it any way that floats your boat: tell someone individually, write a blog post about it, or simply do a little share on a social network. Here’s post I wrote for one of my most favorite podcasters in the world 🙂

So that’s it.

It’s the season of giving. As a listener give back!

Do you have any other sweet ways you’ve shown the love for your favorite podcaster? Share it!

BONUS Gift: If they do happen to have a podcast app. Buy it! I bought my first podcast app when I didn’t even have an iPhone 😉

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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