Using Mylibsyn To Offer Premium Subscription Content: Marc Maron

So you guys know about the cool new feature for libsyn users to monetize their content and create premium content crazy easily right?

Quick summary of Mylibsyn: As a podcast producer you have the ability to offer premium content subscriptions to your audience with one login across multiple platforms. You can read our introductory post to find out more

We thought perhaps you’d like to take a look at really awesome ways that other producers are using Mylibsyn to create fantastic premium offerings for their audience and monetize their content at the same time.

In this post we’ll take at what Marc Maron is doing with Mylibsyn.

Monetizing Your Podcast Via The Subscription Model

Marc Maron’s podcast is free. All his awesome interviews are FREE! BUT those awesome episodes don’t stay free. In his RSS feed you get the latest 50 episodes.

Marc is using Mylibsyn to offer extra special access and content for his fans. For a minimal fee you can subscribe to WTF and have complete access to all his back catalogue (over 200 episodes!)

The cool thing about this subscription is that you can get to this content in a myriad of ways: iOS app, Android app and website, so no matter where you are you can get your hit of WTF. You can think of this sort of the way that you would use Netflix or the Kindle.

The content is there when you want it, as much of it as you want, in whichever way you want to consume it.

Marc does a fantastic job of explaining to his audience what they get access to and how they get access.

Marc Maron premium app and back catalogue

Through Mylibsyn WTF gets it’s own clean and beautiful premium access web page. From there his audience has the opportunity to consume the free content as well as sign up for the premium content. Pretty easy!

So what exactly is the premium content?

  • Access to his full back catalogue
  • Access to special premium episodes
  • Early release of some of his episodes

You can also see from his website that he’s spent a lot time educating his audience and making sure that the added value is very clear to them.

As always communication with your audience is the key toward success with any aspect of your podcast, especially when you begin to offer premium content.

The beauty of this model is that the listener is empowered to make whatever choice fits with THEM. The level of commitment and engagement with the content is a reflection of their values.

Are you a libsyn user?

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