Your Podcast Website — One of Your Best Marketing Tools!

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One of the most important places for podcast discovery is your podcast website — a must — in addition to being listed in podcast directories. Your website serves as the nexus for all of the content you’re creating, not just your audio. It houses your show notes, transcripts, guest bios, etc. It also increases the discoverability of your show via Google and other search engines that can now index your podcast. 

The best podcast websites are engaging and interactive. They contain at least one call to action:

  • Subscribe
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Share on facebook, instagram or twitter
  • Enter our contest
  • Check out our affiliate links
  • Ask questions
  • Contribute show topic ideas
  • Give positive or critical feedback

Podcast Website Basics

Three important elements to have on your podcast website beyond your podcast episodes & show notes are:

  • An About Page for your podcast: podcast name, description, and how to follow and subscribe to your show on podcast apps and social media
  • A Contact Page: a form or email address to reach the show, an audience feedback phone number (Google Voice) or an audio feedback service like Speakpipe.
  • Where to Listen: This is usually on your Homepage with links to the podcast apps Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, etc. 

Also, make sure that your site is SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimized). This way, you will be found more easily when listeners search for your podcast or podcasts that deal with your topic. Focus on keywords when writing episode descriptions, titles, show notes and more. Increasing the ways your audience can find you is so beneficial.

TIP: When you Google your site, where does it rank? Spend some time with a free SEO tool like Google Ads Keyword Planner. This will help you select keywords to use on your site and in your blog, so when listeners search the terms they find you!

Remember, your website is also where fans go if they just started listening to your podcast and want to check out back episodes or binge listen (the best)! Post as many past episodes as you like!


How do you get a podcast website?

If you don’t have an existing website or you don’t have too much knowledge about how to build a website, Libsyn has a sleek, streamlined, simple website that comes with every podcast hosting account. Here is the Libsyn website for The Feed, which provides a nice example.

Screen shot of The Feed webpage with the green Feed logo in the upper left and episodes and show notes which one can scroll down through to play.

You can even have your own domain name, and it takes just minutes to set up! Plus, it comes with a persistent player for easy playback. Learn more about everything you get with the Libsyn platform on our Features Page

You can also easily embed your customized Libsyn player into a site you already own, so your podcast can always be accessed in a click.

If you’re looking to expand beyond your podcast and need more robust support, consider website hosting and using a template that is designed especially for podcasting, like these from Libsyn’s Pair.

And finally, for more information about how to use your website, watch this great video, Growing Your Podcast With a Podcast Page on our YouTube channel, featuring Libsyn podcaster Bethany Hawkins — she’s on-point and has helped so many women podcasters launch their podcast dream!

And, don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with everything podcasting!


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