Diversity & Inclusion

Let's Build A More Connected World

Libsyn, a Platform for All Voices

From beginner to expert, we empower a diverse community of thought leaders with powerful products and support that allow them to have their voices be heard—to connect, empower, inform, and advocate for change. 

This commitment starts within the Libsyn family, who deeply values every culture, class, race and voice that contributes to a better, more inclusive, understanding world. We operate on the maxim that embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and supporting all voices is critical to our success as a global company.

To do this, we foster belonging within our own walls, encouraging diverse people to apply for positions and to join us in opening doors and sharing skills—skills that complement one another in building and supporting the every-widening and inclusive platform that is Libsyn.

By championing diversity of background, thought and experience, we strive to foster a Libsyn culture where employees feel valued, included, and able to contribute their best, and that this leads to better ideas and products for our customers.

Thus, we focus on attracting, retaining, developing and advancing the most talented people from all backgrounds, creating an environment that enables them to not only bring their whole selves to work, but also supports them to reach their full potential.

To learn more about how you can join us in empowering thought leaders and yourself, visit our careers page.