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International Podcast Day 2019


In celebration of International Podcast Day, Libsyn is excited to be sponsoring three powerful international podcasting voices to speak about podcasting. Elsie Escobar from Sobre Podcasting will also be joining the celebrations the night before, September 29th, to launch the event!

September 30th, 2019

Podcasting in Spanish: One Language, Diversity of Cultures


Para celebrar International Podcast Day (El Día Internacional del Podcast), ¡Libsyn patrocina tres podcasters de habla hispana internacionales de 4:00 – 5:00 PM PDT el Lunes 30 de Septiembre! Los anfitriones de Francoinformador, Podqueens Latinas y Nos Cambiaron Los Muñequitos serán sus guías en esta hora de conversación para todos los podcasters de habla hispana de todo el mundo. Cristóbal Colón, Mariely Sylvette y Soledad Franco hablarán sobre los desafíos del idioma, el tener una visión global contra la vision local, y desafíos culturales. También se sumergirán a problemas y conversaciones únicos del podcasting en la comunidad de habla hispana y el posicionamiento de los podcasts en hispanohablantes y angloparlantes.

Join The Celebration of International Podcast Day

Join the live coverage of International Podcast Day and be sure to check the schedule for a day full of international podcasting.

Mariely Sylvette

Puerto Rico

Mariely Sylvette is the host of PodQueens Latinas a weekly program, aimed at women podcasters or who want to create a podcast. She talks about new trends, shares lessons learned, ideas, strategies and tools to take your podcast to the next level. She often chats with other successful podcasters to share their story and their secrets.

Soledad Franco


Francoinformador is a daily podcast of global news, technology, interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs and fun segments in the voice of Paraguayan journalist Soledad Franco. Each episode lasts less than 10 minutes and allows you to inform yourself on the fly and not miss the conversation.

Cristobal Colón

Puerto Rico

Cristobal Colón is a motivational speaker, blogger, and host of Nos Cambiaron Los Muñequitos! After 25 years as a computer engineer, Cristobal has reinvented himself as a podcast host and producer. On his weekly podcast “Nos Cambiaron los Muñequitos” he shares stories of reinvention and adaptation to inspire and educate his audienceWhere he speaks on handling all kinds of changes in life, how can we accept change, adapt and reinvent ourselves and real-life stories, tips and information on how to align our lives to change in a positive manner.