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Libsyn 5 Is ready for you

* Available to New and Current Customers Only

Easily Publish Everywhere ​

With Precision and Brand Control​

New episode creation and publishing can be initiated anywhere and scheduled out to your audience within a simplified one-page workflow.

Publish your podcast out to the world all at once, or select different release dates and times for specific audience platforms.

The power of precision podcast publishing is yours, including our newly announced partnership with Samsung Podcasts.

Stats... Gorgeous Podcast Statistics

Download Data That You Never Knew You Needed​

Get instant stats satisfaction with our new Stats Snapshot plus new seven, thirty, and ninety day breakdowns. Libsyn 4 and Libsyn 5 stats are IAB verified. Some stats features mentioned above are only available on our $20/mo and up hosting plans.

Branding Made Easy With Custom Colors and Fonts​

Painless Podcast Website Creation For Every Plan Level

With a responsive design and persistent player, your podcast is ready to launch without a third party website service.

If you are a current Libsyn customer and want to use this new design, and you are using our current custom podcast page, creating this one will create a second page for your podcast. New customers can get started with the brand new design. Check out the new design with The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast .

Perfectly Matched Players

So Many Options to Customize Your Player ​

Mix and match settings, colors, and features until you get the perfect player for your site.

Settings Super Menu

Lower Left Corner

Enter the details of your show, set up your social destinations, the new podcast website, and ensure your show is ready to reach your audience everywhere.

Resource Center

Lower Right Corner

If you need help look for the little green question mark in the lower right-hand corner. This same widget will also let you switch back to Libsyn 4. 

More to Come in Libsyn 5

Don’t see your favorite feature listed? Don’t worry, all the features of Libsyn 4 are still available and to anyone using Libsyn 5. Libsyn 5 is not yet available for LibsynPRO customers.

You can switch back and forth between the current Libsyn 4 interface and the new Libsyn 5 interface. Your account information and credentials are shared between both versions, but you will need to log into each interface separately.

Thank you for helping us make Libsyn.

Current Libsyn Customers

New Libsyn Customers