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February 7, 2017
07 Feb 2017

Libsyn Live #26: Unveiling the New Podcast Page

Live Blog Libsyn Live: Podcast Page Product Reveal

Featuring the NEW Podcast Page

We are showing off the NEW Podcast Page!! In this episode of Libsyn Live, Krystal and Elsie will show off the new page, and all the new functionality that comes with it.

You'll get the scoop on:

  • What is Podcast Page?
  • What new features are in the new Podcast Page?
  • How can I setup the new Podcast Page for my show?
  • How can I migrate from my old Podcast Page to my new Podcast Page?

As always, there is a live chat and Q&A. Join in, bring your questions and your popcorn, and let's have some fun.


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