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February 28, 2019
28 Feb 2019

Libsyn Live #28: Episode Title and Metadata Explained!

Revisiting iTunes Optimization Tags

The team gets together once again,  this time to help you make sense of that strange email Apple sent about episode numbers and titles!

You'll get the scoop on:

  • -What are iTunes optimization tags?
  • -Do I really have to remove episode numbers from all my titles?
  • -How does this affect other numbers and information in my titles?
  • -How does this affect what my show looks like in different podcast apps?
  • -Can I bulk update my titles and episode numbers?

As always, there is a live chat and Q&A. Join in, bring your questions and your popcorn, and let's have some fun.

**This event will be recorded and available immediately after the event ends.


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