Launch, Grow, Monetize.

Podcast hosting features for it ALL.

Launch grow monetize podcast hosting features for it all

Dynamic Podcast Ads

Automatic ads allow you to insert real-time ads in your podcast on demand. And not just your current episode. Your whole catalog becomes ad inventory that can be monetized with ads from categories of YOUR CHOICE, and these can be updated routinely. No recording for you and no old ads for your listeners. A simple way to earn income from doing what you love.

Robust Podcasting Statistics 
& Audience Insights

Accurate IAB Tech Lab Verified Stats

Third-party verified by the industry-standard “IAB” (Interactive Advertising Bureau), our certified podcast analytics ensure you are ready for ads and sponsorship from day one.

Nothing Basic About Basic Stats

Reliable total and customizable 7, 30, and 90-day breakdowns of your last five episodes help you understand your growth all in one place.

Advanced Stats and Insights

Interactive worldwide map, custom date ranges, unique stats codes, listeners’ consumption metrics, listener app analytics and demographics empower data-driven content planning optimized for your audience.

Built-in Podcast Recording

Recording with Libsyn is quick and easy. We walk you through the process from intro to outro, showing you how to record, assemble, and automatically enhance your audio with little to no recording or editing experience necessary. Available with every Libsyn hosting plan, it is the fastest and easiest way for Libsyn customers to create and launch a podcast — get started today!

Effortless Podcast Publishing

Focus on YOUR audience & ideas.
Our podcast hosting features take care of the rest!

Turquoise icon with white cursive Canva logo.

Built-in Branding

Integrated Canva app
for brilliant podcast show and episode artwork you’ll love.

Turquoise icon with white flip calendar.

Ultimate Control

Batch publish or
pre-schedule podcast episodes down to the minute & audience.

Turquoise icon with white lined page.

Smart Settings

Create copy once,
a CTA for instance, 
and then reuse endlessly with our Snippets feature.


Quick Publishing

Create a new episode 
from any page, drag & 
drop uploads, and enjoy instant podcast players.

Turquoise icon with white pick indicating geographic location.

Distribution Everywhere

Your podcast is distributed everywhere — your audience's favorite 
apps and yours.

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Easy Podcast Recording

Launch fast with our built-in, easy-to-use audio recording and podcast creation studio.

Circle with Goal Digger Podcast Art featuring blond woman dressed in jeans with the word “Goal”.

Our Advanced Statistics are so good,
they’re addicting.

I personally love the data — for me, I am always looking at numbers
and using them to drive bigger impact and results.

Jenna Kutcher, Goal Digger Podcast


Audio AND Video Podcast Support — 

Why Choose When You Can Have Both?

You’ve always had our support to create audio and video podcasts.

Our priority has always been YOUR creative freedom.

Podcast Marketing Tools to Grow Your Audience

With our 20/mo+ plans you can schedule multiple episode posts for social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. One calendar view makes planned marketing 
easy, while custom graphics and copy make the posts unique and engaging.

Create a Launch-Worthy Podcast Player & Website

Connect with your fans through a cohesive podcast brand. Customize everything — media players, a podcast website, and show and episode artwork with Design with Canva. 
Start to stardom, your podcast will look its best.


Get Paid With Ads or Subscriptions That YOU Control

Here is where Libsyn shines. We not only offer you Libsyn Ads to find compatible, paying ads for your podcast, but we offer Premium Content Subscriptions. You can still keep offering free content and add more listeners while developing a paid content revenue stream.


Team Management, SSO

and More Custom Options

Our enterprise podcasting capabilities are custom built for networks, brands, corporations and celebrities with large numbers of team members 
or consumers. They allow you to incorporate 
private podcasting with SSO and account management, to create a podcast app, 
to track engagement, and so much more.