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Podcast hosting features for It ALL.

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Image of the Podcast hosting platform dashboard with Libsyn Studio to build your podcast.

Built-in Podcast Recording and Creation

Our fun, built-in podcast recording studio lets you quickly and easily record a podcast from intro to outro — and everything in between. We walk you through writing your script, adding royalty-free music, creating a teaser, and publishing. The simple drag-and-drop assembly and automatic audio enhancement require no recording or editing experience. Available with every Libsyn hosting plan, it is the fastest and easiest way for Libsyn customers to create and launch a podcast — get started today!

Dynamic Podcast Ads

Automatic ads allow you to insert real-time ads in your podcast on demand. And not just your current episode. Your whole catalog becomes ad inventory that can be monetized with ads from categories of YOUR CHOICE, and these can be updated routinely. No recording for you and no old ads for your listeners. A simple way to earn income from doing what you love. Learn more about automatic ads.
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Image of Libsyn Connect Beta Icons. Connect is available on the Libsyn Podcast Hosting platform.

High-Quality, Remote Podcast Recording

Schedule, invite, and record your co-host or guest(s) with Libsyn Connect Beta today. Your guest can join you in a recording session in a couple of clicks from a customized invite. Connect records high-quality audio tracks ideal for post-production workflows. Connect is all the sound quality you want without the hassles you don’t — right within your Libsyn workflow. Remote podcast recording has never been so easy!

Effortless Podcast Publishing

Focus on YOUR audience & ideas.
Our podcast hosting features take care of the rest!

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Easy Podcast Recording

Launch fast with our built-in, easy-to-use audio recording and podcast creation studio.

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Your Show Everywhere

Your podcast is distributed everywhere — your listeners’
favorite apps & yours.

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Ultimate Control

Batch publish or pre-schedule podcast episodes down to the minute. It's so easy!

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Episode Ease

Create episode description copy once and then reuse endlessly
with Snippets.

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Smart Settings

Set it and forget it. Podcast episode defaults automatically streamline creation workflows.

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Built-in Branding

Integrated Canva button for brilliant podcast show and episode artwork
you’ll love.

Image of Justin Brady and his positive Libsyn testimonial. Brady is an expert interviewer and panel moderator.

Audio and Video Podcast Hosting Features
Why Choose One When You Can Have Both?

Go ahead, record audio or video podcasts; we can distribute it all!
Our priority is always YOUR creative freedom.

Robust Podcasting Statistics

& Audience Insights

Accurate IAB Tech Lab Verified Stats

Third-party verified by the industry-standard “IAB” (Interactive Advertising Bureau), our certified podcast analytics ensure you are ready for ads and sponsorship from day one.

Nothing Basic about Basic Stats

Reliable total and customizable 7, 30, and 90-day breakdowns of your last five episodes help you understand your growth all in one place.

Advanced Stats and Insights

Interactive worldwide map, custom date ranges, unique stats codes, listeners’ consumption metrics, listener app analytics and demographics empower data-driven content planning optimized for your audience.
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Our Advanced Statistics are so good;
they’re addicting.

I personally love the data — for me, I am always looking at numbers
and using them to drive bigger impact and results.

Jenna Kutcher, Goal Digger Podcast

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See the Power of Data with Our Quick Stats Video Guide

With our How to Start a Podcast GuidePodcasting Under $100 Video Series, and top-rated support, the Libsyn team is here to help.

Podcast Marketing Tools to Grow Your Audience

With our 20/mo+ plans you can schedule multiple episode posts for social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. One calendar view makes planned marketing easy while custom graphics and copy make the posts unique and engaging.


Custom Free Podcast Player & Website For Every Plan

Audio or video, episode or show, category or color, super-minimal to statement, you can create a podcast player that will blend beautifully with your site.
Don’t have a site? Your plan includes a podcast website with custom colors, Google fonts, easy share buttons, and a persistent player, so your podcast is ready to launch from the get-go.

If you choose to go with third-party website hosting, we highly recommend Libsyn’s PAIR.

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Get Paid With Ads or Subscriptions YOU Control

Here is where Libsyn shines. We not only offer you Libsyn’s Advertisecast Marketplace to find compatible, paying ads for your podcast, but we offer Libsyn’s Glow, a super easy subscription plan that allows you to provide exclusive content to paying members — a great way for listeners to support your work.

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Team Management, SSO and More Custom Options

Our enterprise podcasting capabilities are custom built for networks, brands, corporations and celebrities with large numbers of team members or consumers. They allow you to incorporate private podcasting with SSO and account management, to create a podcast app, to track engagement and so much more.

Make a Podcast. Make Money.
Do it all with Libsyn.

Always unlimited downloads, never any automatic ads, free show import, and a commitment to authentic, independent voices.

Frequently Asked Questions
Podcast statistics can help gauge where to promote your podcast, giving you better insight into audience preference in terms of content, as well as valuable geographic data. Libsyn provides IAB Tech Lab verified analytics on the most important metrics for your podcast. Download numbers across date ranges, apps, destinations and user agents, as well as use agile stats code are critical to understanding what apps your podcast is the most popular on and what marketing efforts are working.
With a good podcast hosting plan that offers IAB Tech Lab verified statistics like Libsyn, you can determine who your listeners are, what apps they use to listen, where they are listening from geographically and more. You can track download numbers across date ranges, apps, destinations and user agents as well as use agile stats code tracking for multiple players.
Most podcasters start from home with very little equipment and a podcast host. You’ll want a mic, headphones and a very quiet place to record. You’ll also need a podcast host with features to house and distribute your podcast. Starting with our $5/month plan is a great way to see if podcasting is for you. Then, as your needs and reach grow, you can upgrade to a comprehensive, feature-intensive, tiered podcasting host like Libsyn.
The biggest differences between Libsyn plan levels are stats, storage, and marketing features. Our lower plan levels are packed with everything you need to get started and grow your audience. Our $20/month plan level — a podcaster favorite — and above, include advanced stats, social promotion, and additional storage for video podcasters or those who have a more robust or daily publishing schedule.