Switching Podcast Hosts Can Be a Challenge. With Libsyn, It's Simple.

We have tools to make this process easier and set-by-step guides to help you import your show.

Palimpsest @palimpsestpod
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Update: we moved to Libsyn. Easy, painless, fast and helpful support. @libsyn immediately beats @SoundCloud hands down.
Neal Veglio
Neal Veglio@realnealveglio
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There are many podcast hosting companies, but the one I'd die before stopping using is @libsyn. They are the Justice League of content distribution nerds. I love 'em, even though they drain my wallet each month. They haven't paid me to say this, just super happy with them.
Stephanie Burt​
Stephanie Burt​The Sourthern Fork
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I originally hosted at Squarespace, which had a plug in but was not made to track downloads or work with other platforms. Your team helped me migrate content.​

How to get started moving to Libsyn:

  1. Purchase a Libsyn plan.
  2. Send our support team an email with your current RSS FEED URL and platform information.
  3. If you want to get started, review our Knowledge Base list of support articles about moving to Libsyn from some of the most popular podcast hosts.

We help podcasters switch their hosting to Libsyn.com from other podcast and web hosting services every day.  We make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact us with your current hosting information.