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We welcome new podcasters by making it super easy for them 
to move from their old podcast host to the Libsyn podcast hosting platform, one of the most feature-rich podcast hosting services.

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Why Move to Libsyn?

  • Libsyn is a world-leading podcast hosting platform that has been providing creators with hosting, distribution, and monetization services since 2004.

  • We provide industry-standard IAB-verified stats to gauge the performance of podcasts and provide metrics for advertising.
  • Our Pricing Plans are not based on audience growth or download numbers. Rather, they are based on storage, so you have unlimited growth opportunities.

  • Libsyn offers subscription and advertising services (host-read and programmatic) to meet the monetization needs of podcasters.

Move to Libsyn in 3 Easy Steps

Each of these steps is explained in further detail with “how-to” steps and screen-shots in this Move Your Podcast from Another Host to Libsyn article.

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Set Up Your Libsyn Account and Import Your Content

Choose the Libsyn plan that suits you and your podcast goals best. You can always upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs and budget.

Factors like budget, storage needs, and desired features should be considered when choosing a plan. Some factors to consider include.

A favorite with our podcasters is the Libsyn $20/month plan, which includes advanced IAB-verified stats to measure podcast performance. It’s a great benefit to podcasters committed to growing their shows.

Once you have set up your Libsyn account, you will need to find your podcast RSS Feed URL from your old podcast host. Then, in your Libsyn settings, you can do a One-Time Import via Feed Synch & Import. When the import is complete, we’ll send an email to the address associated with your old podcast RSS feed to let you know.


Ensure Your New Libsyn Feed is Accessible to Audiences

There are three important parts to this process.

  1. Create a new feed URL tag in Libsyn.
  2. Copy your new feed from Libsyn.
  3. Ensure your current host has a 301 redirect in place.

A 301 redirect at your old host will tell podcast directories that your URL has permanently moved to a new place. Think of this as telling your old post office where to send your mail when you move. You may need to contact your old host and then ask them to redirect it to your new Libsyn Feed URL. We provide instructions for how to move to Libsyn and set up your 301 redirects from the most popular hosts in the Move Your Podcast from Another Host to Libsyn article.


Check Your Import and Close Your Old Account

Some podcast directories, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, will automatically update to your new Libsyn feed once the 301 redirect is in place. After establishing the 301 redirect, verifying its success is imperative. You can do this by testing the old RSS feed URL in a web browser to see if it automatically redirects to the new RSS feed URL. Additionally, check the podcast directories to ensure that your new Libsyn RSS feed is visible and correctly updated.

If everything is functioning as expected, you can rest assured that your podcast has successfully transitioned to Libsyn. We also suggest that you download any invoices and historical download data and numbers from your old host that you might need for reference later.

Upon successful podcast transition to Libsyn and directory updates, you can proceed to close your account with the previous host.

And remember, if you run into any issues at all, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


With Libsyn’s robust features, reliable hosting, and excellent support, you’re now primed for podcasting success. Congratulations on your seamless move to Libsyn, and happy podcasting!

This is a complete list of articles from our support team that explain how to migrate from a specific podcast host. Simply select your current podcast host and follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer podcasts to Libsyn?

Transferring your podcast to Libsyn is simple: sign up for an account, import your show files, and then redirect your podcast RSS feed. After that, create a tag to update directories, copy the URL for your Libsyn Feed, and create a 301 redirect from your old host.

How do I contact Libsyn about my podcast?

For any questions or concerns, contact the Libsyn Support Team at [email protected].

What are the benefits of using Libsyn for podcast hosting?

Libsyn offers reliability, exclusive features, advanced analytics, expansive distribution options and superior technical assistance, making it the ideal choice for podcast hosting.

How do I choose the right Libsyn plan for my podcast?

When choosing the right Libsyn plan for your podcast, take into account your budget, storage needs, and desired features. Libsyn plans range from $5-$150 per month, providing a variety of features and storage limits, but no download or audience limits.