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Knowledge and Tools for Podcast Education Success

The future of the podcast experience is in education. LibsynEDU provides tools for teachers and students to explore podcasting in the classroom, including educational podcast learning resources and education-based pricing. We make developing educational podcasts, teaching podcasting, and supporting student-led production studios easy.
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Free and flexible
learning modules

Our ten printable lessons build student podcasting skills from new episode creation to monetization. Educators can personalize the learning experience or learn how to create their own podcasts.
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Easy creation
& audio recording

Easily accessible podcast episode creation and audio recording are always available to help students create podcasts within a course. Create a podcast, add music, and edit at your own pace.
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Educator approved publishing and roles

Entire classes can work collaboratively, publishing new episodes into one master podcast or create multiple podcasts. Roles and QC mode allow educators to approve content before publishing.

How Libsyn Enhances the Educational Experience

Podcasting in education bridges the gap between developing and applying technical skills to real-world career goals. Libsyn is bringing together the greatest advantages of our podcasting industry experts, partners, and world-class platform to support podcasting in education.

18+ Years of podcasting history and experience

  • Expand lecture possibilities with industry guest speakers

  • Bridge career gaps for students with real-life conversations

  • Share industry knowledge that will engage students

Tools that make creating podcasts educational and fun

  • Guided audio recording & built-in basic editing with Libsyn Studio

  • Easy-to-use interface for quick-start podcast creation

  • Draft mode so students can move at their own pace

Scalable solutions for students, classrooms, and institutions

  • Unlock premium podcast features for an entire organization

  • Enable SSO to manage staff and student access

  • Streamlined facilitator roles and security when you need it

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LibsynEDU Pricing

Need help finding what you’re looking for? Let’s talk. 

Students & Teachers

Individual students or educators looking to launch one podcast.
  • One podcast
  • $20 plan features
  • Publicly available RSS
  • Remote interview recording
  • One login and role per user
  • Single Show Discount

Podcast Classroom

Instructors managing students who are creating multiple podcasts.
  • Up to 10 individual podcasts
  • $20 plan features
  • Educator-approved publishing
  • Instructor access to all shows
  • Students have access to individual shows
  • Multi-Show Discount


Custom solutions for institutions and private classroom content
  • Unlimited number of podcasts
  • Enterprise-level features
  • Public and private podcast distribution
  • Remote interview recording
  • User role setting & SSO support
  • Custom Pricing

Engaging Students

Making Education Fun

Access to hands-on, exciting podcasting tools and informative lectures make a class more than a grade, rather an instrumental place for ideas that inspire great podcasts and successful future podcasters. Create your dream podcast, record audio, publish video, and do it all on Libsyn. Find podcasts that inspire you, create your own podcast, and engage in the podcasting community.

two podcasters interviewing each other
one male professor recording a lecture

Supporting Podcast Teachers

Making Education Easier

Create a podcast from recorded lectures and keep students engaged in learning how to create their own podcasts. The podcast learning resources can support a podcast curriculum or teach teachers how to start a podcast for their students, staff, and beyond. Short quizzes and suggested projects guide learning and sharpen skills needed to create, record, edit, and publish episodes regularly.

Educational Podcasts for Teachers by Teachers

Find these education podcasts in Apple Podasts and your favorite podcast apps. 

Expand Your Opportunities for
Podcasting in Education Today

The visionary minds of the next generation of podcast creators will shape a future of great works in audio artistry. Libsyn is committed to providing exemplary support for all in the podcast education landscape.


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Thank you to our partners in Podcast Education for their support

Frequently Asked Questions
Once you have contacted us, we will send you the free learning material that matches your needs and provide additional assistance. The information covers what defines a podcast, audio content editing, podcast marketing, and even how podcasters make money podcasting. The last one is usually the most exciting for classes with students who hope for future careers in media.

LibsynEDU is the umbrella for the Libsyn podcasting initiative. We would love to partner and support educators and students across the educational landscape.

If you are already hosting a podcast with Libsyn for a singular podcast and do not need any additional services, keep podcasting as you always do! If you want more info on how you use Libsyn today and if LibsynEDU is right for you, please complete one of the forms. We want to hear your ideas.

The possibilities are endless. You can use podcasting to support any course you teach or expand the students’ learning experience when teaching podcasting. Some students prefer listening to study guides. Others need support for missed classes. Creating an audio study guide or offering a recorded lecture might be the perfect solution. You can engage with your students and support those with visual impairments, all with podcasting.