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Our Story Starts at The Beginning of Podcasting

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from the Start

Libsyn — a fusion of Liberated and Syndication — has, since its foundation in 2004, stayed true to giving podcasters the freedom to deliver the podcast they want while staying in control of their work.

We empower brands and thought leaders to expand their influence with podcast hosting services that simplify workflows, transform content delivery, and engage communities everywhere. Everyone from independent podcasters to enterprise-level finds a home at Libsyn.

Our work focuses on providing the creation, distribution, and monetization tools podcasters need to share their passion, tell their stories, and change the world.

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Worldwide Platform
More than 75,000 Podcasts

Libsyn hosts 75,000+ podcasts worldwide. We are the most experienced podcast hosting platform.
Source: Libsyn Q4 2022

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Growing Podcasts
7.8 BILLION podcast episodes

Libsyn currently hosts nearly 8 billion podcast episodes from podcasters all over the world.

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Increased Revenue
Podcasters have earned $60 MILLION!

We have helped podcasters earn $60M with our advertising & subscription services.

Podcast Launch to Podcast Monetization

Libsyn has grown to provide comprehensive podcasting services. They range from hosting, creation and distribution, to podcast advertising (including host-read and automatic ads), subscription services for membership and bonus content, web hosting and domain registration.

A Hall of Fame Team of Podcasters

We are proud to have some of the most trusted minds in podcasting on our team. They bring a podcaster’s perspective to the forefront of our development and are a valuable resource to all the podcasters who choose Libsyn.
Image of Podcast Hall of Fame Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

Director of Communications & Content

A 10-year-plus veteran in the industry and inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame, Elsie co-runs She Podcasts, a podcast and podcasting community for women with more than 12k members. She is Libsyn’s Director of Communication and Content and producer/co-host of The Feed with Rob Walch. Her latest endeavor is Sobre Podcasting, a podcast who’s mission is to inform, inspire and connect the Spanish speaking podcasting community.

Rob Walch

Vice President, Podcaster Relations

Rob Walch was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2016 and is the VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn. He is co-author of “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters,” an editor’s pick as a 2006 Amazon Top 10 Reference Book. Rob started podcasting in 2004 as host of the award-winning 411 podcast, where he interviewed guests such as Quincy Jones, Walt Mossberg & Larry Kudlow. He has consulted on podcasting for Jack Welch, Tim Ferriss, and eBay, to name just a few.
Image of Rob Walch Hall of Fame Podcaster
Image of Dave Jackson Podcaster Hall of Fame

Dave Jackson

Head of Podcaster Education

Dave Jackson was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2018. He launched the School of Podcasting in 2005. He has been helping people understand technology for 20+ years as a corporate trainer and consultant. Dave is author of the book, “More Podcast Money” and has launched more than 30 podcasts with more than 4 million downloads.