Payment Policy

Liberated Syndication Standard Payment Policy and Requirements

Notice: New Payment Policy effective 4/1/2017
Download new payment policy here.

See current Payment Policy below or download it here.

Review the Payment Policy and Requirements for payments related to Revenue Share or Referral Fees for Libsyn’s services and product offerings. This Payment Policy and Requirements (“Policy”) apply to Revenue Share and other Payments (“Payments”) earned via the Libsyn and Liberated Syndication websites located at, and and all associated sites linked to these by Libsyn, its subsidiaries and affiliates, including Libsyn sites around the world (collectively, “Site”).  The Site is the property of  Webmayhem, Inc. doing business as Liberated Syndication and as Libsyn, or Libsyn (“Libsyn”) and its licensors.  Webmayhem, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAB Universal Corp.

Policy Effective as of 4/15/13

Policy is subject to change with 30 days written notice by Libsyn

Payments:  Payments made by Libsyn will be based upon the US dollars received from third parties including but not limited to App Marketplaces, advertisers, agencies and end-users

Payment Schedule:  Libsyn will pay out on a 30 day cycle. Libsyn will send payments within 30 days of when payments are received from third parties.  Libsyn will handle the reporting and processing and transfer of all payments from App sales,  subscription services, and advertising revenue.

Payment Method:

  • For payments to Payees in the US, once a completed W9 form is received, payments will be made by mailing a check to the Address on the W9 form.
  • For payments to Payees outside the US, standard payment method will be PayPal.  Other methods may be available, if agreed to by Libsyn in writing and additional fees may apply.

Payment Restrictions and Exceptions:

  • Payments via wire transfer will be subject to a wire transfer fee of $35.
  • Libsyn has the right to withhold payments for amounts below $25 USD except in those cases where payments are made via wire transfer where payment will be subject to a $100 USD minimum.

Payments may be forfeit at the end of each calendar year, for those who fail to meet the requirements for payment as outlined herein.

  • Payments may be forfeit if the payee violates any Terms of Service related to Libsyn’s Site, services, and product offerings.
  • Payments may be withheld and offset against fees owed by the Payee for other Libsyn services and product offerings .
  • No payments will be made until the following requirements have been met.


  • Payees in the US provide a completed W9 form upon Service Activation
  • Payees outside of the US agree to provide valid mailing address, a valid PayPal address for payment, or banking wire information, if applicable.
  • Payees agree to provide valid contact information and notify Libsyn of any changes to contact information within 15 days of change.  Contact information includes but is not limited to physical location, mailing address, email and telephone number.