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Libsyn Automatic Ads — Easy and Hassle Free

Once our team gets you onboarded, we provide tools for you to customize a comfortable level of brand safety. We work with hundreds of brands, so you can expect ads from well-known advertisers across all major industries, but can also opt out of categories if you choose.


Automatic ads allow you to monetize your Libsyn podcast by dynamically inserting ads. Our automatic ads program allows you to choose where you want ads to run — pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll. Unlike live reads, automatic ads are just that — automatic — not a permanent part of your podcast (baked in)! Nothing for you to record, and because they are inserted in real-time, you can also monetize your back catalog.

We work with hundreds of well-known advertisers across all major industries — these are just a few!
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The Model Is Simple
and Very Competitive.

Your earning potential depends on your audience size. Certain genres/categories are in higher demand, so shows with a smaller audience can still generate strong revenue. 

For instance, if your podcast gets 10,000 monthly downloads and you open a few ad slots per episode, you could potentially earn a few hundred dollars per month.

The Listener Experience

We encourage you to strike a balance between monetization and listener experience, keeping your ad load reasonable. Check out our FAQs for our Ads per Episode guide.

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Why Podcasters Trust Libsyn

  • Libsyn is creator-focused and offers one of the most generous advertising revenue splits in the industry (see FAQs).

  • Our platform is tapped into both US and international advertisers allowing you to maximize revenue.

  • We offer industry-leading fill rates – something all Podcasters should consider when selecting a hosting and advertising partner.

  • We offer the best Automatic Ad experience in the industry with the best support, backed by real people, ready to help.

Reach Millions with Our Podcast Ad Marketplace

Libsyn Ads is an advertising network that is trusted by the best — negotiating sponsorship deals and managing podcast ad inventory with expertise and results. Whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or you are seeking a long-term podcast sponsorship relationship with a stellar podcast host or podcast network, we have the popular podcasts and targeting needed to deliver results for creators and brands.

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Libsyn Automatic Ads is currently live in BETA. If you would like to participate, click on the appropriate button below. Our team will then connect with you on a first-come, first-serve basis as capacity comes available.

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Minimum 2,000 downloads per podcast episode required to join.

Frequently Asked Questions
We still love host-read ads, but they are not for everyone. Generally speaking, automated ads demand a lower CPM (cost per thousand downloads) than host-read ads, but they also take a lot less effort!  Many shows use automated ads as backfill for unsold host-read ad slots or as a source of revenue for older episodes (“back catalog”). You don’t have to pick one or the other — you can make revenue from both!
<15 1-2
15-45 min. 2-3
45-60 min. 3-5
60 min+ Depending on length, use your judgment
You are able to specify a set number of pre-roll and post-roll slots, plus select ad locations and number of slots for mid-rolls.

For podcasters who are exclusively represented by Libsyn Ads for host-read advertising, the podcaster receives 70% of the advertising revenue from campaigns that get placed in your show, otherwise the standard is 60%.

Once you sign up for automated ads, an account will be created for you in Libsyn Ads (if you do not already have an account). You can receive monthly automated payments directly into your PayPal account or your bank account (via ACH) approximately 30-45 days after the end of the month. It’s that easy!