Android Market Gets a Web Based Makeover!

Yesterday Google unveiled a new web based version of the Android Marketplace with some super cool features.  Previously there was no easy way to link to Android applications on the web.  You could go to a number of third party Android App directories, but the only way to officially enter the store was on your Android device.

Well google has rectified that, and then some.  With the new Android Market, users can visit the store with their web browser, click to buy apps and those apps will automatically be delivered to their Android Device.

This happens seamlessly and more importantly… wirelessly.  There is no syncing involved, and it makes the whole process of getting apps effortless.  CNET has some video coverage on it that you might want to check out.

So for you producers with Android Apps, be sure and update your links and descriptions around the web with your new Android Market Web URL.  Getting it is easy, just visit the Android Market.

Search for your App.

Click on it, copy the resulting page URL and put it everywhere.

You can even tweet the location of your App right from your Android Market page.  QR Codes Too!  And of course don’t be shy to ask your fans to review your app.


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