Podcast Monetization

Whether aiming for a few dollars a month or building a podcast business empire, join the thousands of creators making money with Libsyn.
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Unlock Your Podcast Revenue Potential with Auto Ads

Hands-Free Automatic Advertising

Libsyn’s Automatic Ads is a set-it-and-forget-it programmatic advertising solution, allowing you to monetize old and new podcast episodes easily. Ads are automatically inserted as ad buys are made that match your show’s demographics and pre-selected ad categories. You’re not recording ads, trying to find sponsors, or managing sponsorship deals. We handle it all and provide industry-leading CPM rates and revenue share.

Monetize Your Podcast in 3 Simple Steps

first step to enroll with auto ads.


Read more about Auto Ads requirements and how many downloads your show needs to get started. Once accepted, you will on your way to making money.
Step 2 select what IAB Ad Categories match your audience.

Ad Categories

Select what IAB Ad Categories match your audience’s interests. Your podcast episodes will be grouped with content from other podcast hosts to fulfill ad buy impression goals.
Step 3, use our easy ad slot picker.

Ad Markers

Use our easy ad slot picker to select natural content breaks for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ad slots. Every podcast episode can have unique ad slots ensuring ads feel natural.

Rave Reviews For Podcast Monetization

Reach millions with our podcast ad marketing.
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Reach Millions with Our Podcast Ad Marketplace

Libsyn Ads is an advertising network that is trusted by the best — negotiating sponsorship deals and managing podcast ad inventory with expertise and results. Whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or you are seeking a long-term podcast sponsorship relationship with a stellar podcast host or podcast network, we have the popular podcasts and targeting needed to deliver results for creators and brands.

Exclusive Influential Podcasters for Maximum Brand ROI

Powerful Podcast Advertising Management Tools


Creator Control

Approve or deny an ad request to ensure alignment with your podcast listeners. More money doesn’t mean ads that don’t match your audience. You, as a podcast host, are in charge.


Natural Ad Placement

Choose ad slots that feel organic to your podcast content. Create dynamic host-read ads that are authentic product endorsements and maximize your podcast ad inventory.


Easy Payouts

Payouts are released once funds have been collected from the advertiser, typically in 30-60 days. Your in-dashboard podcast revenue report updates when you earn money from ads.


Brand Safe

Our Ad Marketplace matches you with brand-safe professional creators who have the established audience needed to generate revenue. You’ll find podcast hosts that align with your brand and ad solutions that align with your vision of podcast marketing.



Geographic targeting ensures your ads reach the ears of potential customers. With more influence than social media platforms alone, podcast creators position products with personal and authentic authority to highly engaged listeners.

Verified Reporting

Invest confidently in podcast advertising with IAB-certified reporting and attribution aligned to the needs of your business. We work closely with the podcast host to ensure your ad buy requirements are met so you and the podcaster make money.

Revenue Results for Podcasters and Brands

From creators with tens of thousands of downloads and multi-stream podcast monetization strategies to niche audience podcasts, you can integrate host-read dynamic ads into a sustainable podcast monetization strategy.

Monetize Your Podcast With Premium Content Subscriptions

Sell access to premium episodes in exchange for a few dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a year (or much more), depending on how many listeners you have. Make money podcasting with exclusive episodes, ad-free episodes, and early access to new episodes. You can still keep offering free content and add more listeners while developing a paid content revenue stream. If you are just starting podcasting, you may simply want to accept monthly donations. Our podcasting tools can do that, too! Glow | Podcast memberships your listeners will love makes it easy.

Audience Support

Inspire your loyal audience to help you sustain your craft. Make money creating more podcast content, AND provide more value to your audience.


Custom Setup

Podcast creators determine the price and exclusive content offering. You’ve got great tips, online courses, and audio content from live events to repurpose and monetize — why wait?


Easy Access & Payment

Audiences access exclusive content via podcast apps, including Spotify. You access simple reporting to know when you earn money and are getting paid.

More Ways to Make Money Podcasting

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions — Integrated Publishing

Publishing to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is available to ALL Libsyn podcasters and no upgrade or add-on fees are charged. Libsyn also does not take a cut of the private podcast revenue. That revenue share remains between you and Apple.

Interested in Selling Merchandise?

Is your podcast so popular that you want to start selling merch, like caps, mugs, and t-shirts? Our partners at Pair can help you out. Pair has websites designed specifically for podcasters. Easily add a WooCommerce store to start selling merch and accepting payment by credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and more. Autofill ALL of your podcast info (episodes, show notes, etc.) and branding (cover art/colors) with just your RSS feed. It’s magic!

Make Money Creating the Content You Love

The easiest way to create a podcast is with Libsyn. The easiest way to monetize your podcast is with Libsyn. Pick your path to podcast monetization with podcast advertising or podcast subscriptions — or combine the two and earn money while still growing and nurturing your loyal audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on many factors including: Your podcast reach, audience demographics, category/content of your show, publishing frequency, social media following, and more. Most podcasts are seeing $18-20 CPM for 30 second spots and $25 CPM for 60 second spots. Try our Calculator

Once accepted into our podcast partner program, we split the ad revenue with you 70/30 – you, keeping 70%. No additional fees are required. Payouts are released 30 days after you have marked a spot complete in our system, reported the reach on that spot, we have received funds in full from the advertiser, and the total amount you’re owed is $20 or more.
They can, but they’d have to try really hard. We monitor for feed piracy to make sure your private content doesn’t get into the hands of people who didn’t pay for it.