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Podcast Advertising & Subscription Income

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Start Making Money Podcasting!

How do podcasts make money? At Libsyn, we make it easy to earn income
from your podcast with integrated podcast monetization tools.

Libsyn Automatic Ads Easy and Hassle Free

We provide the tools you need to effortlessly start placing ads on your podcast. We work with hundreds of brands, so you can expect ads from well-known advertisers across all major industries. You can customize the categories and the level of brand safety that is right for you.
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Podcast Advertising

Promote your show to thousands of paying advertisers on Libsyn's AdvertiseCast Marketplace.

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Podcast Subscriptions

Easily build a paying subscription or membership program. Your listeners WANT to support you. Let them.

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Podcast Advertising for Podcasters

Promote your show to 1500+ paying advertisers on Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace.

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Select Products Your Listeners Will Love!

You control which advertisers you want to work with, not us. You approve or deny an ad request to ensure the perfect fit.

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Integrate Your Ads Naturally

You can select episodes for host-read or programmatic ads. You can choose slots that feel organic and flow well with your content.

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We Pay You — No Hassles!

Your payouts are released once funds have been collected from the advertiser, which typically occurs in 30-60 days. For more details on payouts see our FAQs below.

It takes only moments to submit your podcast to Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace — it’s so easy.

Podcast Advertising for Advertisers

Find the Perfect Podcast To Promote Your Products & Services.

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Ad Inventory

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace sells ad inventory for 2,500+ podcasts (100+ exclusive) with a total monthly reach exceeding 35M listeners. Each campaign we create is personally tailored to meet your specific advertising goals.

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Free Campaign Proposal

Your campaign is personally tailored to meet your specific advertising goals. We select shows based on criteria including topical matches, listener demographics, airing deadlines, budget restrictions, and more. We also have capabilities to target on GEO.

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Subscriptions for Podcasters

Glow makes it simple for podcast creators to build a membership program.
Deliver exclusive content and other benefits to your top listeners.

Turn your fans into income

Turn Your Fans into Income!

Glow is for EVERY podcaster, requiring no download minimums. Start a subscription and give listeners a way to support you today!

You’re in Control

With subscriber support, you owe nothing to advertisers or sponsorships. Stay true to you — and your fans.

Repurpose Content

Repurpose Your Content

Make money doing what you love with content you already have. Share bonus episodes, extended episodes, ad-free shows and more.

Listener Ready!


Your audience can access your exclusive podcast membership on their preferred podcast app. No new apps needed.

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“How to start a podcast and make money?”

The easiest way to create a podcast is with Libsyn.
The easiest way to make money from a podcast is with Libsyn.

Create. Publish. Grow. Monetize.
We do it all.

Monetization FAQs

How much do podcasters make from advertising?

This depends on many factors including: Your podcast reach, audience demographics, category/content of your show, publishing frequency, social media following, and more. Most podcasts are seeing $18-20 CPM for 30 second spots and $25 CPM for 60 second spots. Try our Calculator

Payouts and Revenue Split for Podcaster and AdvertiseCast

Once accepted into our podcast partner program, we split the ad revenue with you 70/30 - you, keeping 70%. No additional fees are required. Payouts are released 30 days after you have marked a spot complete in our system, reported the reach on that spot, we have received funds in full from the advertiser, and the total amount you're owed is $20 or more.


Does Glow require listeners to download a new app?

No. Listeners can pay you and listen to premium content wherever they like to listen. Glow works with major podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Overcast and Pocket Casts.

If I already have a membership program, can I use Glow?

Absolutely. You can create a members-only podcast and share it to current members through Glow.

Do I need bonus content to get started with Glow?

No. You can use Glow to collect donations from listeners directly, whether or not you have premium content.

What payment types does Glow accept?

Listeners can pay with credit, debit, or prepaid cards. They can provide their payment information in a form or use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Can someone share my private feed?

They can, but they’d have to try really hard. We monitor for feed piracy to make sure your private content doesn't get into the hands of people who didn't pay for it.