Reminder About Support Hours

Some things will be staying the same during the holidays as past years!

We are out of the office on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years Day.

Please be patient if our ticket response times are longer than usual. Members of our admin team will be on-call to handle any urgent system-wide issues. 

Lucky for you we have an amazing & helpful Support FAQs! Take a look here at our library of ‘how to’ articles with just about every topic you might need for your questions within the Libsyn interface. 

The Apple Support Team also takes a break around the holidays. So, if something goes wrong, wonky, or off with Apple Podcasts they also might have a delay in addressing your issue. Please see their note below:

From Apple Podcasts Team: Holiday Submission Deadlines
If you plan to submit new shows in November or December, please be mindful of the following periods:

November 20 to November 30, 2020
December 23, 2020 to January 2, 2021

Shows submitted during these windows may not be available within our regular time frame of five business days. Plan accordingly and submit any new feeds with this in mind.

You can also learn more about this on The Feed: Episode 180. 
We want you to know we are here, we still love podcasting, and we still want to help you! But please be patient with us. 

Special Thank You!

We have been so grateful for the voices that use our services and continue to grow and amaze us with their passion and hard work. We take so much pride in our podcasters. Thank you for choosing us to host with you. 

Stay tuned for some holiday treats coming your way next month!

The Libsyn Team

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