Today Apple Releases some Very Nice Stuff! – $99 Apple TV: Podcasts Onboard

Apple had a doosey of a media event today, revamping much of its iPod lineup and even reinventing the Apple TV.  The Shuffle, Nano, and iPod Touch all got major upgrades as expected inline with predictions from our favorite rumor sources Macrumors, Techcrunch and Daring Fireball.

It was a very solid event streamed live for the first time in years, and the general consensus is that the updates were solid improvements across the board of the iPod line.

For Podcasters, we think the one to watch for audience growth may be the Apple TV.  Long referred to as Apple’s “Hobby” by Steve Jobs, that label was continued today as Steve’s final reveal of the Apple TV was jokingly renamed “One More Thing Hobby”.

The new Apple TV is a fourth of the size of the original and is aggressively priced at $99 dollars.  That is impulse territory.  Integration between iOS devices and the Apple TV has grown even tighter via what is now called “Airplay” allowing for content to be beamed from the iPad and iPhone to the Apple TV over wifi.

That may just be the sleeper hit for the device, bridging the divide between the personal and communal screens in a seamless manner.  $.99 TV episode rentals and Netflix integration are aimed at attracting a bigger user base for the device and we are happy to see podcasts get top billing along with Youtube and Flickr as seen in the Internet section of the interface below.

Like the Google TV, the new Apple TV and its iOS siblings will only help to propel Podcasting further and further into mainstream usage.

Good Day 🙂

-Dave M


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