How to Switch from Podbean to Libsyn Podcast Hosting

Thinking about changing podcast platforms? Excited to see how Libsyn’s reliability and exclusive features can take your podcast to the next level?

Not sure how much time–and effort–it will take to change your podcast host? Good news…It’s easier than you think. Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Sign Up for a Libsyn Account

Go to the Libsyn signup page to create your account.

Next, pick a plan that suits the needs of your podcast.

Step 2: Import Your Show

Now that your account is ready, it’s time to bring the show files over to Libsyn. (Don’t worry…We do all the heavy lifting.)

Get started by going to the Settings section.

Click on Feed & Sync Import.

Once the window pops up, select One Time Import.

Type in your current Podbean RSS feed URL.

Click Submit.

Depending on how many files your podcast has and how large they are, this may take a bit. Go for a walk or start planning your next batch of podcast content. We will let you know when the import is complete. Need more details? Visit our guide to migrating a podcast from Podbean to Libsyn.

Step 3: Redirect Your Podcast RSS Feed

People enjoy your podcast. They want to know when new episodes come out (and listen to your old ones). It’s time to make sure Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all your other digital distribution platforms can find your new podcast host.

Your podcast RSS feed connects your content to these services that alert your subscribers when new episodes come out. Redirecting the RSS feed makes your move to Libsyn seamless.

How to Redirect a Podbean RSS Feed

Login to your Podbean account and go to your Podbean dashboard.

Click Settings.

Click Feed on the dropdown menu.

Choose Advanced Feed Settings.

Add your new Libsyn RSS Feed URL in the Redirect to a New Feed field.

Click the Update Options button.

Your podcast RSS feed is now redirected!

It’s advisable to keep your Podbean account active until the redirect has fully taken effect. This could take up to four weeks. 

Still have questions? Check out Podbean’s knowledge base for more information.

Welcome to Libsyn!

We are so happy to help you share your podcast with the world! The Libsyn team wants you to have the best podcast hosting experience. If you are having any problems migrating to Libsyn, contact our support staff at [email protected]. We are here to help during your transition and as your podcast grows.

Looking to switch to libsyn from another host?