The Libsyn podcasting guide for podcasters, by podcasters.

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This webinar is ideal for any new podcasters and Libsyn users just getting started on the platform. Experienced podcasters wishing to review their current publishing work-flow are also always welcome.

Hosts Elsie and Krystal cover the topics below:

  • Why podcast? What is a Podcast?
  • The basics of a show concept, artwork, and branding.
  • Affordable hardware and software for podcasting.
  • Workflow & Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Best practices for setting up your podcast with Libsyn.
  • Tips that will help you avoid costly mistakes before and after you launch.
  • Submitting your podcast into Apple Podcasts.
  • Options for monetizing your podcast.
  • Libsyn podcast support and community resources.

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