Libsyn's Network App is available to customers at every hosting level.

With every Libsyn plan you have the option to opt into our network app The Podcast Source available in the Amazon Android, Google Play and iTunes App Store. There are no additional fees, minimal set-up, and your content is available free to your audience.

A listing in The Podcast Source app is a great way to get your content some extra distribution and downloads! Who doesn’t like more downloads? Once listed your show becomes available across four different app marketplaces and to hundreds of potential new fans.

Test Drive The Apps

Features Available In The Podcast Source App

Your show is available along with hundreds of other great podcasts and is packed with some super features. Features vary depending on the market and availability.

Custom Playback

Continuous playback, auto download, episode playback order and quality are all custom settings.

Types of Content

The apps are compatible with audio, video, text and pdfs and users can quickly sort your content by type.

User Engagement

Share episodes via Facebook and Twitter and include your podcast’s Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Favorite & Download

Users can keep a list of favorite and downloaded episodes for quick playback and access offline.

How to Get Your Show Listed In The Podcast Source App


Select Any Plan

Sign up for any Libsyn plan, the Network App listing is available at every hosting level! Compare Plans


Select Your Shows Category

Log into your account and make sure you have a category selected for your show in show settings. ​


Your Show Is Listed

Once you have episodes published and a category selected under show settings your show will be listed in the app. ​