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Super Mamas

Custom Player On Website


The Story Behind

Custom Player On Website


Ben Greenfield Fitness

Custom Player On Website


More ways to make the player an extension of your brand so it integrates beautifully into your site.

Episode Playlist

Display a full show playlist of episodes or just a single episode player.

Custom Sizes

Customize the player size to fit your website and personal style.

Thumbnail Settings

Enable thumbnails or turn them off for a more minimalist clean look.

Custom Start Time

Define the exact time code where you want a specific episode to start playing.

Playback Direction

Adjust your playlist settings to play episodes oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

Custom Colors

Customize the accent color in the player to match your brand.

It also has all the extras your audience needs to share the love with their community.

Subscribe to Your Podcast

Via RSS, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and other available OnPublish destinations.

Download Episodes Easily

Audiences can save your episode immediately to their desktop for playback offline.

Embed Code For Quick Sharing

Your audience can quickly grab the code and paste your player to their own site to share the love!

Social Media Sharing

Audiences can quickly share your podcast with the world on all major social media platforms.

+ All The Standard Playback Features

Episode duration, playback duration, rewind, fast forward…. all the features your audience needs to control their podcast listening experience.