An Ecclectic Mix of Great Podcasts For The Summer

great podcasts for summer listening

Summer time, such a fantastic time to discover new podcasts

We asked on our Facebook Page to get some suggestions of great podcast listening for the summer. Here is a great little list for you to discover some great content, described by the podcasters themselves 🙂

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Podcast Suggestions for the Summer

Paladin Corps Book One K. Gainor

A brand new author, who’s first novel is completed and released in it’s entirety as a Podcast. It’s a fun mix of light science fiction, action and intrigue, and all available for free.

It debut’s August 1st on podiobooks, but it was out there first on Libsyn. People can check it out, and learn more about the author at Subscribe RSS, iTunes

Take The Red Pill Podcast

Summer heat weighing you down, keeping you immobile? Does the heavy humid air prevent you from wanting to move?

Listen to Take The Red Pill Podcast, leave your body behind and let your mind wander to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Beat the heat, let your consciousness retreat, subscribe to Take The Red Pill. RSS, iTunes, Facebook.

Bigg Success

These podcast episodes about living life on your own terms are short and sweet. Perfect listening during a morning walk in the sun, a rest in the shade, a swing on the hammock, or a drive to the lake.

Here’s to summertime and your BIGG Success. Subscribe iTunes, Facebook

Shoddy Radio

Shoddy Radio is funny. It is not a comedy podcast “about” comedy, every episode will make you laugh. Honestly. If you listen to two full episodes and don’t laugh once… then you’re doing it wrong! Listen some more, until you get it right.

There’s an awesome group of guests lined up for this summer so now is the perfect time to hop on board. Subscribe iTunes

The Recovery Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to… 
The Recovery Room 
Join LIVE at 7pm (EST) This podcast is about everyday life. Roast Master, American Muslim with lots of opinions. Why not? Subscribe RSS, Facebook

Young PR Pros

The podcast helps students prepare themselves for a career in public relations. What better summer listening than getting tips to land a summer job or a full time career in September. Subscribe iTunes, Facebook, RSS

DUH Podcast for Horse Owners

DUH Podcast for Horse Owners is perfect summer listening. What better way to spend a lazy summer evening than on the back of your horse?

Picture this – moseying down the trail on your horse while listening to them share their horse experience. It would be like having two extra riders along. Heck, that’s almost a posse! Come on. Ride! And, with the new podcast app from Apple, our podcast is even easier to find. Subscribe iTunes, Facebook, RSS

Do you have other podcasts to share for the best summertime listening? Share in the comments below!

Image credit via CC MIAMI SUMMER 07 #16 by [le]doo (francis)

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