Apple Says, Want Your Smartphone App To Be Featured in iTunes? Drive Usage

One thing that has not been covered from the podcasting perspective has been rising in the ranks in the iTunes App Store.

Wait, what? Why would that matter to you as a podcaster?

Here at libsyn one of our offerings is smartphone apps. We have producers with either both Android and iOS versions of their apps and others with a presence in just one marketplace. While right now we are submitting just to the Android market, the tips and info below can help in both marketplaces.

Apple has unofficially reached 500k of approved iOS apps in the App Store, so any new ideas to get your app higher in the rankings in order to increase your chances of being discovered by potential audience users are GOLD.

Who doesn’t want a larger audience?

About a month ago it appears that Apple changed the way that they choose to feature apps and have them go up in the rankings. It used the be pretty close to the way that podcasts are featured, but now there is more. According to this Macworld article:

Though it is not yet clear what tweaks Apple has made, it appears that factors such as active usage of an app has become more important in these rankings, rather than just raw numbers of downloads.

Now that’s something interesting “active usage of an app has become more important.”

Key Ways To Increase Usage To Your App And Drive Discoverability

The following tips are focused on driving folks to launch and use your app.

  1. Publish episodes consistently.
  2. Add juicy extra bonus content and tell your audience about it! Check out this post for a TON of awesome ideas.
  3. In each episode share with your audience the interactive features of your App: one tap contact via email, FB, and twitter, and encourage them to contact you through the app.
  4. Publish random App specific content so folks launch your app more.

Have an Android App? You can apply these same practices to your Android App, as the Android Market may be doing the same thing!

In addition to usage the long standing way to increase your ranking in the App Store is to encourage your audience to rate and review your app.

Podcasting became so popular because it offered a a very personal and immediate way to engage with the audience. Podcasters make themselves available more: there are shownotes involved, emails exchanged, often times voice mail feedback, plus more. The libsyn smartphone apps are exactly the same, they offer that direct interaction that you already have with your audience, with added opportunities to further interaction with your listeners via bonus content.

Those that want your podcast Smartphone App will use it, so the potential to increase your visibility can absolutely happen.

What? You don’t have a Smartphone App? Well then what are you waiting for? Email us at [email protected] for more information! We’ll be waiting for you!

Elsie Escobar

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