Black Friday: A Standalone Podcast App Deal!

Libsyn Black Friday Deal

You can start the new year with a brand spanking new podcast app branded for your show.

How. Cool. Is. That.

There has been incredible momentum and main stream coverage of podcasts and the podcasting industry the past couple of months.

The influx of new listeners, discovering podcasting, plus the array of holiday presents of smartphones, tablets and iOS devices holds the potential for some serious growth.

It’s time to take advantage of it!

WHAT YOU GET: a $60 savings for your standalone app

This standalone app will be in Amazon, Google Play and iOS Markets branded for your show

As an example, check out our FREE App for The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast

Google Play





Your App will support audio, video, PDF & blog posts of your content – See the links above for examples of how the app would look for your show – except with your branding 100% across the apps.

Normally we charge a $50 set-up fee and an additional $10 a month on top of a $20 or more a month Libsyn hosting plan but just for 2 weeks, starting black Friday we are waiving the $50 fee plus the $10 a month charge for the first month!

Start the New Year off with an app for your show in the market!

Turn in your form between November 28 – December 12 to get the one time $50 set-up fee plus the additional $10 a month adder waived for the first month after you get all of your information in and processed.

That is an extra $60 in your pocket to go buy yourself or a loved one something totally rad.

Bonus: you’ll have your own podcast standalone app for your show!

What do you need to do?

There are two very important parts and both need to be completed.

1. Turn in THIS Form

In order to get your app listed in the markets above you must create developer accounts for both iOS and Google Play and provide us with the login information via THIS set-up document.

If you want the direct link to the form you need to fill out here it is:

How to create an iOS developer account is found here

How to create a Google Play developer account is included in the form.

The Google Play developer account is a one time $25 fee and the iOS developer account is yearly $99 fee.

You may choose to have your app submitted to one or all of the markets and only need to create the developer accounts for the markets you wish to be listed in.

2. Complete the app destinations

Once you turn in the form we will turn on app destinations in your account and then you can complete the graphics requested for submission via the destinations.

Here is a link to the graphic requirements for iOS and Android.

The destinations do not need to be complete within that week to qualify but you do need to provide the form above within the weeks promotion to qualify for the discount.

How Long Does it Take?

This depends on the time it takes to complete the form and graphics required.

This greatly depends on your speediness!

Setting up a developer account if you have your credit card handy can take as little as a half hour.

Apple has to approve your developer account, so sometimes it can take a week or more for your developer account to be active after you submit your information to them.

The graphics and information we require for app customization and submission can take you a day or a couple weeks depending on if you have the mad skills needed to make them yourself or end up having to have someone make them.

There are some great resources on this episode of Libsyn Live on how to whip some up!

Time it takes to get your app approved!

It can take up to 4 weeks to get all the apps listed in the above markets AFTER we have your developer account information and the app destinations completed with the graphics and information required listed under “what do I need to do?”

So if you are speedy, there is a good chance your android apps would be available before the end of the year and your iOS app could be available by the end of the year or first/second week of January depending on the holiday schedule of the markets!

What Are the Requirements?

New and existing customers qualify.

▸ If you already have a paid app and want to go free you can do that too and we will waive the same fees and convert your apps to free. Please still complete the form.

▸ Must be at an app enabled plan of $20 a month or more.

▸ You must have at least 3 published episodes before submission to the markets.

▸ Content and graphics must not include any copyrighted content.

▸ Must produce content in a mobile friendly format (mp3 or M4v preferred.)

▸ Your podcast can be audio or video or a mix of both.

▸ We don’t require you to have the graphics totally completed when you turn in the form to qualify for this promotion. We just require you to provide us with the form completed with the developer account information requested.

Are you ready?

We look forward to supporting you and your podcast this upcoming year!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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