Can Facebook Help Podcasters Grow Our Audience?

play your podcasts right within facebook

Have you guys heard of what SocialCam has been able to do in a short period of time?

According to Business Insider it looks like Facebook helped them explode to 75 million users in 15 months!

In my humble opinion, I don’t think Facebook did it.

I think Facebook helped an awful lot, but there were other very important factors that helped propel SocialCam to that huge level of growth.

Now, why am I bring this up?

Because for us as podcasters, whether we want to admit it or not, Facebook already does or will play a very big part in our ability to get our shows discovered beyond iTunes.

That’s the key phrase beyond iTunes.

Yes, we absolutely want to have presence in iTunes, but we also need to see the bigger picture.

Facebook is a must place to be for taking podcasting to whole new level

One way to reach out beyond iTunes is to have a presence on Facebook, even if it’s at minimum sharing your podcast on your profile wall.

Optimally, getting your own Podcast Facebook Page and adding a way to easily play your podcast from that Page is the way to go.

Let’s go back to SocialCam. Here is a key bit of insight from the All Things D article as to how SocialCam grew so much:

“Facebook timeline and Open Graph integration have helped make Socialcam explode. Whenever a user watches or creates a video on Socialcam, the activity appears on their Facebook feeds”.

It’s that whole Open Graph integration that makes things so sticky over there in Facebook land.

Use Facebook To Your Advantage

We are doing our best to provide tools for you guys to make it that sticky.

In our latest article giving you the down low about our Customized Tab Facebook Player, we explain that if someone happens to play any of your episode using that player they will show up on that users Activity.

Just that little posting will offer up an opportunity for your podcast to be seen in larger circles. Also, the more users authorize the Libsyn Player App, the more potential for discovery, simply because more people are using it, and more people are apt to search and browse for more content within the app.

How to get more people to authorize the app and consume more podcasts

  • Share the URL of your customized player tab.
  • Share the URL of your specific episodes from your individual podcast page within the App

It’s so nice to tell someone to listen to your podcast straight from Facebook. There’ s more of an opportunity for them to hit play than if you sent them somewhere else.

Looking for your feedback

We are continuing to refine and iterate the libsyn Player.

We will be making it more and more awesome as time goes by and are actively seeking your input and feedback to help us on this journey.

So how about it podcasters? What are your thoughts? Feedback on the Libsyn Player App?

Let us know in the comments below!

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