Congratulations to all the Podcast Award Winners

The Podcast Awards 2013 the majority of award winners host their podcast on libsyn

The Podcast Awards took place on the evening of January 8 during the New Media Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. The event was hosted by the amazing Leo Laporte and live streamed via Ustream.

It was an amazing night celebrating podcasting and bringing together so many talented and committed content creators in one room.

We are humbled that 14 out of the 22 winners chose to host their podcast with us!


There were also many high quality libsyn podcasts that were nominated.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the list, take a moment to look. You might discover a new favorite podcast!

Check out the libsyn podcasters that won a Podcast Award below.

Best Produced Podcast- Best of the Left

Best Video Podcast- Young Turks

Best Comedy Show- WTF with Marc Maron

Best Education Podcast- Grammar Girl

Best Entertainment Podcast- Rob Has a Podcast

Best Food and Drink Podcast- The Beerists

Best Gaming Podcast- The Rooster Teeth Podcast

Best General Podcast- Internet Box Podcast

Best GLBT Podcast- Throwing Shade

The Best Health and Fitness Podcast- The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Best Mature Podcast- Savage Love

The Best Politics and News Podcast- The Majority Report

The Best Science Podcast- The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

The Best Technology Podcast- The Audacity to Podcast

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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