Cross-post Your Podcast Episode To Twitter With A Custom Message

You asked for it. cross post to twitter from within your libsyn dashboard

It’s done.

Directly from your libsyn Dashboard, now you can customize your Twitter update as it cross-posts to whatever Twitter account you have configured with your podcast.

You can get the exact instructions on how to set this up right from this awesome tutorial.

Why use OnPublish for Twitter?

There are a ton of services out there that you can use to schedule posts to various social media channels including of course Twitter.

You are already using Buffer, or Hootsuite, or whatever other service floats your boat, why would you want to use this feature?

It’s not either or.

Just use both!


Not everyone will see your ONE twitter post.

People are not on twitter 24/7. The stream of twitter updates that comes at you at any time of the day is pretty strong.

One tweet could get lost in that stream very fast. Why not make it easier for your audience and beyond, to get your content?

You can schedule a few updates using a couple of different services if you so choose.

You can share multiple links

When you do share your latest episode there are a ton of ways to do it to spread the word.

  • You can link to your episode’s shownotes.
  • You can link to your website (with of course your latest episode front and center.)
  • You can link to your media file.

Cross-posting your podcast workflow

Here is what I do to get the word out about my show.

  1. Within the libsyn dashboard I craft a personalized update for OnPublish to my Facebook Page as well as to Twitter. I schedule only the Twitter update to cross-post 2 days after I publish the episode.
  2. I publish my episode, which immediately cross-posts to my Facebook Page. The Facebook Page immediately cross-posts to Twitter.
  3. I schedule the permalink to my latest episode’s show notes to post on my Facebook Page using Buffer, for one day after publishing. That post will immediately cross-post to twitter.
  4. I schedule my newsletter to go out the morning after I publish my episode.
  5. The twitter update that I scheduled initially using Libsyn OnPublish goes out 2 days later, sharing the link to my media file.

NOTE: All the updates above are crafted differently. I don’t just say the same thing over and over and over in every update. I craft each post, sharing different aspects about the episode.

cross post your podcast directly to twitter

After that initial promotion, I just lay low and respond to anyone that’s engaged with my posts and follow up with them.

It’s an asset to be able to schedule a good portion of my workflow from right within the dashboard.

It offers me the opportunity to get the most number of eyes on my newly released content in the first few days giving me a better chance to build momentum and downloads (and sometimes even affects my iTunes ranking.)

All of this goes on automagically.

That is good.

How about it?

Wanna give the OnPublish to Twitter customized update a go?

Also, are you up for sharing your social media follow up workflow? Share and empower the community!

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