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We’ve been sharing some of our top posts, podcasting inspiration and behind the scenes looks from the Libsyn HQ on Instagram.

We’ve just recently stepped into the platform and have found it to be incredibly fun, plus a much more intimate way to connect with you guys!

How about you follow us and let us know you’re a podcaster on Instagram in the comments?

Don’t worry about us taking over your precious Instagram feed. We’re still stepping in there little by little and by it’s by no means overwhelming!

Not an Instagram fan?

We hear ya, not everybody is on Instagram, nor do they want to be. We’ve got other ways to connect!

  • Twitter: This is a great way to get quick answers to podcasting questions, as well as getting some of the latest news and information from the world of podcasting.
  • Facebook: We have a great community full of insight on all things podcasting as well as growing posse of podcasters looking to connect with each other. We post some of our top podcasting posts as well as provide all kinds of ways to promote your podcast. Including having your podcast featured as our cover photo!
  • Email: Subscribe to the Libsyn Blog via email. It’s the easiest way to stay in the know about all things podcasting as well as the latest Libsyn features and offerings.
  • RSS: You know all about that 😉 Add our RSS feed to your favorite feed reader!
  • Pinterest: yep, we’re also pinning.

Do keep in touch, no matter what you choose. We love to connect with you guys!

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