Let’s Celebrate International Podcast Day + Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Meets International Podcast Day

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month!

It’s also International Podcast Day today. In the founders’ words, it is an international celebration of the power of podcasts!

The Libsyn crew is celebrating both this week by looking back at some favorite moments in Hispanic and Latinx podcasting history and sponsoring a FREE community discussion on multilingual podcast listener growth on September 30th at 5:00 Eastern that is open to everyone. 

Libsyn is fortunate to have the thought leadership of the first Latina podcaster inducted into The Podcasters Hall of Fame, Elsie Escobar, on our team as the Community Manager. She is also the co-founder of the largest women’s podcasting group She Podcasts.  Her level of experience in podcasting is rare, and her dedication to under-served communities is beyond inspiring.

Elsie is a catalyst for thoughtful conversations within the podcasting industry and Libsyn. It is hard to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and International Podcast Day at Libsyn without recognizing her contributions.

Ground-breaking Latinx Podcasters

Libsyn sponsored the Guinness Book of World Record-breaking event Podfest Global Summit 2020, and the Podfest team created a space for a conversation between two ground-breaking creators we love.

Danny Peña and Elsie spoke on the story behind how they found podcasting and where their work has taken them. Together, they put into perspective how podcasting and creators have evolved. 

As the first Latino and Latina inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame, their conversation shares the historical importance of podcasting and its relevance to creators at every level, experience, and background.

Press play below to watch!

Danny Peña, is the first Latino inducted into the Hall of Fame and we admire his work in the space and always are honored to share the stage, virtual or in-person, with.

Danny is always doing cool, innovative things in the podcasting space to highlight his podcast on gaming (Gamertag). Most recently he collaborated with Twitch for the Xbox20 featured in Time Square, NYC! Check it out here on Twitter!

Expansive Spanish Podcast Listener and Non-Listener Data

Elsie’s efforts and conversations led to Libsyn’s sponsorship of the Latino Podcast Listener Report 2021 from Edison Research in June for the 2nd year in a row. We are fortunate to be among many other partners in the space, helping to change the narrative about what we know about Latinx and Hispanic podcast listeners. 

“Bilingual or multilingual content is and will become more and more important to grow Latino non-podcast listeners. Bilingual podcasts are an opportunity to re-connect and re-build our identities as we are, plus create bridges for all of our Latino and Hispanic experiences within the U.S. and beyond.
– Elsie Escobar

After the 2020 report, we hosted a wrap-up webinar and conversation  Who are the Latinos in Podcasting with Juleyka Lantigua Williams, CEO of Lantigua Williams & Co, and Martina Castro, CEO of Adonde Media. With their help, we were able to amplify the data and conversation beyond the report. 

The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2021 is available in Spanish and English from the Edison Research site, and you can watch the webinar covering the date on Edison Survey YouTube channel. 

This year, Libsyn continued sponsorship of a second report,  The Latino Podcast Non-Listener Report. It was held on September 16th and presented by Gabriel Soto and Elsie Escobar. 

The interviews with real-life non-listeners show how much non-listeners have in common and provides key takeaways for all podcasters hoping to grow their audiences.

A Multilingual Conversation For The Entire Podcasting Community

Elsie continues to lead conversations and community-building events for the betterment of podcasting. It isn’t enough to look at data; what we do next with it matters. The conversation around multilingual podcasters and audience growth is not a Latinx or Hispanic-only issue. Many within the industry have the power and influence to help improve discovery and growth.

September 30th at 5:00 PM Eastern – Growing Multilingual Podcast Audiences – Hablemos Juntos​

Join Elsie as she brings together great minds to help us all have the opportunity to brainstorm and network in a community discussion. Together, they will build on the data from the Latino Podcast Listener Report 2021 and address the challenges of bilingual/ multilingual podcasting. 

Mauricio Salazar_Libsyn

Mauricio Salazar 

Emotions Podcast

Hispanic and Latinx Podcasters Share Their Stories

Since 2019, Libsyn has highlighted Spanish and Latino podcasters on our blog. You can always check them out at Hispanic and Latinx Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts. We love giving our podcasters some LOVE! 

Here are our most recent featured Latino podcasters and their shows. Read more about them from our Rockin’ Podcasts Q&A series on our Blog. 


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What’s Next For Libsyn’s Latinx & Hispanic Community

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