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This series is all about libsyn’s podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with That’s What She Did Podcast

When did you start podcasting?

March of 2018. I launched my first show to coincide with Women’s History Month.

Why did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting because I wanted to learn how to podcast.

I tend to be a hands-on learner, so I thought I would jump in with a show idea I had been thinking about for awhile and learn how to podcast.

I thought that once I learned how to podcast that I would eventually come up with a good idea for a show.

I didn’t realize, at the time, that the show I was making to learn was a good idea. I am now about to launch season 7 of the show, I didn’t initially think was good enough to be my “good idea” show.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

That’s What She Did Podcast is a show about the women leaders, innovators, and rebels you don’t already know.

With a focus on elevating the work of women of color, we amplify the voices of brilliant women.

What’s your podcasting set-up?

I record into my MacBook Pro, using Adobe Audition for audio recording and editing.

My mic was a Blue Yeti for a long time, but recently  upgraded to a Audio-Technica 2035 PK.

To manage my content calendar, guest info and season focus I use a simple Google spreadsheet that acts as my command center. It houses all the pertinent information I need from season to season all in one place.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I think I’ve tried all the things except paid ads.

I use social media, of course, by my favs and the most successful form of promotion has come through creating my own podcast roadshow and promo swaps. Both are free and I see the biggest show growth through these two strategies.

What has been the biggest challenge in keeping podcasting?


Just managing your life and doing what you need to do makes continuing with podcasting a challenge, especially as an independent podcaster that makes zero money in the beginning.

Thankfully, my show is now self-supported and I can outsource my editing, but it’s still a lot of work to produce and it’s so tough at times to stay consistent.

I had a baby this year and at moments I seriously considered quitting podcasting all together because it’s so much. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to get back to the podcast after having a baby.

While I was pregnant I really told myself that when my baby was three weeks old I would launch the 7th season, no problem. But that was crazy and I had just allowed myself to live my life and figure out how to be someone’s mom too.

I’m still figuring it all out but also realizing that life happens and my true audience will understand when I explain that I had to take a break because, well, life, and creating little people is hard.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I didn’t need to be so focused on download numbers. It’s cool to get a lot of downloads, but it’s not everything.

In fact, I don’t think download numbers are nearly as important as most people think they are. The sponsor I have and collaborations I’ve created had nothing to do with downloads.

It’s about creating great content, connecting with people and collaborating with people you have alignment with.

I was so stressed about downloads in the beginning, now I check downloads about once per month.

That’s What She Did Podcast began as a starter podcast. Little did Tangia know it was “the one”. A great show that highlights female leaders and innovators we haven’t yet heard about, centering women of color with wonderful interviews and a witty perspective…listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Tangia Renee started podcasting because she wanted to learn how to podcast.  She is now on the 7th season of a self sustaining podcast. She found her voice podcasting.  Can you?  Don’t know where to start?  We can help.

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