How To Create And Pin An Audio Player For Your Podcast On Twitter

Here’s a super awesome trick for helping folks listen to your podcast.

Isn’t that what we want?

I mean really…it’s the number ONE thing that a podcaster wants no?

This is a nice, clean, cherry on top type tip to help your market your fabulous content and it’s all on Twitter!

Check out the image below!

how to have an audio player on your twitter page

Isn’t that lovely?

Any MP3 link from Libsyn automatically creates a player within Twitter.

Usually, when you publish a tweet with the MP3 url you have to highlight the tweet, it opens up another frame and you can see the player there.


If you PIN the tweet to the top of your page, you see the player right there!

That means that if anyone happens to be on their computer (not on mobile) and goes to your twitter profile they will see a lovely player right up top!

It’s pretty cool.

Here’s how to do pin the Libsyn Custom Player to the top of your Twitter page

You can start the process two ways: you can automate the post from within Libsyn, or manually post an update to Twitter.

Regardless of which one you choose you will still have to go into Twitter to manually pin the post.


Libsyn gives you the choice of being able to autopublish to a bunch of different social media and media destinations.

One of these destinations is Twitter. You can learn how to set all that up in this article.

Once you have set up the connection to Twitter OnPublish and have scheduled a post to go live, then all you have to do is to go back into Twitter and pin the post!

Find the twitter post that you want to pin, and tap on those little three dots on the right hand side of the tweet.

Find the post you wanna pin to the top of your twitter page

Choose Pin to your profile page and that’s it!

Choose to pin your latest podcast to the top of your twitter page


Essentially it’s exactly the same as above, but this time you have to create a twitter update yourself with the link being your MP3 link from Libsyn.

The pinning of the post is the same as the description above.

Wasn’t that totally easy?

SO easy.

Give it a go, and have your podcast front and center! Let us know how it goes!

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