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What Are IAB Podcast Statistics?

As a podcaster, you’ve probably heard of IAB podcast statistics, but what are they really, and why should they be important to you?

IAB stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau, and they provide the industry standard in podcast stats measurement. IAB stats are what advertisers look for when selecting podcasts to buy, making their decisions based on the strength of these trusted numbers.

In addition, they help you to understand the health of your show in comparison to others and aid in targeting where you should focus your marketing activities.

It’s true. For years, podcasters have struggled to truly understand and assess what constitutes a download of their show. Directories, podcast hosts, and third-party stats all had their way of measuring just how many people tuned in.

A solid, industry-wide metric was needed that removed bias and confusion. For those metrics to have value, there needs to be consistency. IAB Stats provide that consistency.

History of the IAB Tech Lab Verified Podcast Statistics

Initially founded in 1996, the IAB fields critical research on interactive advertising while also educating brands, agencies, and the broader community on the importance of digital marketing. In affiliation with the IAB Tech Lab, IAB develops technical standards and solutions for the advertising/media industry. Their stats provide a consistent, industry-standard measurement that creators can rely on when assessing the downloads of a given show.

Many thought leaders in the podcasting space contributed to the metrics used by the IAB to develop IAB podcast certification, including leadership from Libsyn. Libsyn is an IAB-certified host, and there are some others you can find on the IAB website.

Podcast Advertising & IAB Podcast Statistics

So if you never wanted Ads, you might never care about IAB stats … until your potential sponsor asks for IAB numbers.

For those who DO venture into podcast advertising, you may need to provide ad agencies with podcast statistics. There are still some services you can pay $50 to get 50,000 plays. These unsavory services are typically known to good ad agencies. They rely on IAB podcast analytics to help make investments in podcasts and hosts.

Check out this conversation with Dave Hanley of Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast as he talks about dynamic vs. baked-in podcast advertising.

Libsyn offers IAB Tech-Verified podcast statistics at all plan levels. Even the $5 Libsyn plan provides an IAB Stats Snapshot; we’re here for you and your show’s future planning and growth!

So even if you aren’t looking to add podcast advertising to your workflow, they still provide you with an accurate measurement of your show.

Learn More about IAB Podcast Statistics & Libsyn

If you’d like to know more about how to use IAB stats and the filters, check out this bit on The Feed, Libsyn’s official podcast Episode, 223, at the 8:08 mark. 

As your podcast grows, we know you’ll find that having access to such robust stats is key to your success!

Check out these favorite Libsyn podcast analytics help articles to make the most of your podcast stats, our podcast features page, or watch Libsyn Podcast Statistics – See How Well Your Podcast is Performing.

Are Podcast Downloads the Only Thing that Matters?

While podcast downloads are an essential industry metric you should know well, it is not the only success metric. There are too many exceptions to put all your podcasting worth in that bucket.

Podcasts were born from a need to communicate and share unique ideas outside the walls of traditional gated media. As a result, niche topics will have inherently smaller audiences and can simultaneously have more engaged and valuable audiences.

Podcast statistics shed light on your work, where your audience is concentrated, and help validate marketing efforts. They’re part of your podcasting journey but don’t tell the whole story.

Want a bit more? Watch the video where Elsie Escobar explains the importance of IAB stats!


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