International Podcast Day 2018

Did you know that September 30 is International Podcast Day?

Even Google knows about it 😁

All International Podcast Day Information

You need to go to the International Podcast Day website. All the things are there. All. The. Things.

They have an a day and a half full of sessions with podcasters from all over the world. And people, this is for sure international.

They have awesome banners to use to not only promote IPD but to promote PODCASTING! Right? Because, bottom line, as much as we want folks to listen to our show the spirit of the day to celebrate PODCASTING.

❝International Podcast Day is focused on bringing more visibility to podcasting and promoting the growing digital media worldwide. The day-long event and celebration takes place each year on September 30.❞

If this is your very first time finding out about #InternationalPodcastDay, woohoo! You get to follow that hashtag and see how fabulous the celebration is!

If you have known about it, we hope that you are celebrating as much as we are by amplifying what we see that is celebrating podcasting.

Don’t forget! Check out the live stream that the International Podcast Day team has put together. They’ve done a fantastic job!

Libsyn and IPD

A few years ago we also celebrated the day with a whole day of live podcasting workshops that we held on September 30. Ummmmmmm. Upon looking back that was kinda lame of us 😳 since you know, the IPD team works so hard to get their sessions together and all that.

Now we now know better, but, check out the following awesome still very relevant workshops and videos celebrating podcasting and our community.

If you’re a sucker for podcasting content, here are the 8 hours of ALL THE SESSIONS

This was such an awesome roundtable! You’ll get to see Rob, Dave, Krystal, me (Elsie) and more. We get to discuss all kinds of fun podcasting industry stuff

What do people want to know? How to grow your audience. Well, Dave Jackson has solutions for you.

Wanna get started podcasting? Well, we have the best free tutorial on getting started podcasting, from soup to nuts from our very own Krystal O’Connor!

We requested YOU send in videos sharing your podcast with us, and you delivered. Check out this video jammed packed with podcasters awesomeness.

Have a fantastic International Podcast Day!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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