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Why Libsyn 5?

Did you notice that when you log into your Libsyn account, there is a little “4” after the Libsyn logo in the top left-hand corner?

Libsyn 5 is the 5th version of our publishing interface. We got really creative with our naming. 😁

This simple approach to naming follows right along with the intended simplicity of the new mobile-friendly design. Don’t stress, we are not replacing Libsyn 4 today,  but we are just too excited to keep the work to ourselves and our Beta Community.

A BIG thank you to our Beta Community for all the wonderful feedback.💚

Sharing Libsyn 5 with you all is like sharing the itinerary for a surprise trip you’ve been planning for a dear friend.

We’ve had you in mind the whole time, carefully listened, and taken the first steps. Now, it is all about planning together and finishing the details!

Libsyn 5 is powerful podcasting for every podcaster

In Libsyn 5, we are focused on simplifying workflows that allow for powerful publishing for every kind of podcaster.

No matter where you start in your podcasting journey, Libsyn 5 is being built to scale with your needs and brand.

Even if today, that brand is just you.

Our Beta Community has been sharing fantastic input and feedback every day and it is the best place to get exclusive insights and join a community of podcasters making Libsyn!

New features are already available to our Beta Community in Libsyn 5

The Libsyn team is still working some magic on many things, but we couldn’t wait to share some highlights of the work being done and inspired by you.

Libsyn 5 is a preview of whats to come and what is currently accessible by our Beta Community.

Below is a list of some favorite features visible in the Libsyn 5 preview.

  • Simple Episode Publishing
  • Stats, Stats, & More Stats 
  • NEW Episode Audio Player
  • Settings for Destinations
  • NEW Podcast Page Design
  • NEW Show Branding Settings

There is much more to come. This post is just one little sneak peek. We are still testing and learning and hoping you will join us in this process with patience and continued brilliant feedback through the Beta Community.

We are here to help you

Below are a couple of reminders for those who already have access to Libsyn 5  or for those of you who are going to go get access to Libsyn 5 through our Beta Community.

Libsyn 5 Support

There is a little green question mark in the lower right-hand corner of Libsyn 5 that you can use to submit tickets and feedback under the Podcast Support option. You can also use this same green button to switch back to Libsyn 4.

Libsyn 5 Publishing

If you publish an episode in Libsyn 5 it will publish to your live feed.

Join our Beta Community to get access to Libsyn 5

@sleepytimetales @musicrcreative @libsyn Second @libsyn and they have a new interface coming soon that looks great and should streamline uploading and management.

Boring Books For Bedtime Sleep Podcast

One of the things that I love most is the user-friendly platform. The updates that are in store will make your experience in Libsyn seamless.

Kimberly Sumpter

Sistah's Connect Podcast

I really am excited to see where this goes and thank you for giving me a peek behind the curtain.

Mark Struczewski

The Mark Struczewski Podcast

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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