Libsyn OnPublish Now For Facebook Pages!

Remember the cool functionality to easily cross-post your favorite episodes over to twitter and Facebook via our sweet OnPublish feature?

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about check it out here)

New Facebook OnPublish Features

One of the BIGGEST features that you requested was being able to cross-post to your Facebook Page!

And now you can!

We know some of you have been working hard to build your Facebook Pages and didn’t want to have your post show up on your personal profile page ONLY. Now you have the option to automatically send an update to your Page and/or your Profile whenever you publish a new episode!


Another BIG request that we got from you guys regarding this cross-posting feature was that you wanted to be able to be able to customize the message that came along with the cross-post.

Now you can customize away!

How Do I Do This?

Everything that you need to do to implement the seamless cross posting is done via your libsyn dashboard!

You can check out our nifty HelpDesk Tutorial on how to authorize your Facebook Page as well as where you add the customized copy.

Why Should I Do This?

Using as many social media channels to provide your audience with the best way that THEY want to listen to your content is really the key to growing your listener base.

Although we find that the majority of people still subscribe and listen to podcasts using iTunes, the potential to reach a whole other audience through other channels is still up for grabs.

One of these other channels is Facebook. As of this posting Facebook has 500 million active users.


Yes. That’s 500 MILLION active users.

The potential for someone to stumble onto your episode in Facebook is pretty darn good.

A Little Secret Sauce….

When you choose to share your content via the OnPublish feature, you get a choice of Publishing Options.

onpublish to facebook via

Looking at the picture above you see that you get an option of choosing “Link your episodes using the libsyn Directory.” YOU REALLY GOTTA DO THIS!

When you choose to use the libsyn directory, when anyone clicks onto that link, they automatically are taken to the libsyn Podcast Player within Facebook.

the libsyn podcast player in Facebook is for listening to podcasts from Facebook

Within the Podcast Player, they can listen to your latest episode, recommend it and send the episode to a friend.

Listeners can also very easily click through and listen to your entire catalogue of episodes! Right on Facebook!

great discovery features via the libsyn podcast player within facebook

The cool thing about this is that as your audience listens to your podcast via the libsyn Podcast Player, it will show up on their Timeline (just like Pandora and Spotify).

As that activity is published, their friends will be exposed to your content.

Huge potential for discovery no?

Feedback Please?

We really need you guys.

We added these last two features because of your suggestions. We want more of them! We are looking forward to developing more killer functionality for OnPublish, but need you guys to let us know what you need or want.

Let us have it in the comments!

Image credit via CC “Sharing” by Toban Black

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