Libsyn Stats Got a Little Love



You may now behold your beloved stats via your iOS devices

As you can see from the twitter updates above, folks think they look purty 🙂

And they do look quite lovely, all those charts and pretty colors…that is if you’re into stuff like that.

Now you can obsessively check your stats from your iOS device every single moment of the day.

The nasty flash has been eradicated.

new libsyn stats looknew libsyn stats look

Summary of downloads added

Now you can get more granular in looking at your stats for Daily Totals, Weekly Totals and Monthly Totals.


Great way to check if any particular marketing strategy that you used helped you get more downloads!

daily libsyn statsweekly libsyn statsmonthly stats at libsyn

So what do you guys think?

Leave us a comment and let the devs know your thoughts! Give them some love! If you have feedback, even better!

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